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Because They’re More Important Than Us…

Posted by Bill Nance on April 21, 2010

I just saw this in the local paper:

LOWELL — Police have cited a 26-year-old Nashua woman for a series of driving violations that led to a crash with a police cruiser on Gorham Street Tuesday.

An investigation conducted by a Lowell Police Department Accident Reconstruction team found that Phannarouth Prak failed to stop at a stop sign, did not use a directional when turning and failed to yield for an emergency vehicle.

Police officer Narin Ma was responding to a call for medical help in car 10 when Prak pulled out of Spencer Street onto Corbett, and collided with the cruiser on Gorham, according to police reports.

Nothing unusual there except that this is not normal practice at the department. If you commit a series of driving violations that lead to a crash with Joe Civilian, you don’t get cited unless you’re drunk. So when you do something incredibly stupid like hmmm…ram into the back of someone’s car who is stopped at a red light that hasn’t been anything but red for a couple of minutes…nothing happens. This has happened to me twice in Lowell where the accident was so bad the cops had to come out. Car totaled, injuries, the works. But the two dumbasses who rear-ended me were never cited even though I requested the cop do so. I mean they rear-ended me. That’s case closed as far as who’s at fault. But no ticket unless you hit a cop. Then you get the tickets.

It’s just one more way in which our paid public servants rub our noses in the fact that they think they’re more important than the rest of us, who exist merely pay the taxes that go to their salaries. -Salaries that increasingly are better than what any non-governmental worker could hope to get doing the same job for a private company.

There are two levels of citizen in this country: At the top there are those in public employ, and then there’s everyone else. -And people wonder why voters get so pissed off at government.


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Merchant Ship Guards Kill First Pirate. Predictably the Pacifists Have a Hissy

Posted by Bill Nance on March 31, 2010

Private security guards shot and killed a Somali pirate during an attack on a merchant ship off the coast of East Africa in what is believed to be the first such killing by armed contractors, the EU Naval Force spokesman said Wednesday.

The death comes amid fears that increasingly aggressive pirates and the growing use of armed private security contractors onboard vessels could fuel increased violence on the high seas. The handling of the case may have legal implications beyond the individuals involved in Tuesday’s shooting.

The guards were onboard the MV Almezaan when a pirate group approached it twice, said EU Naval Force spokesman Cmdr. John Harbour. During the second approach on the Panamanian-flagged cargo ship which is United Arab Emirates owned, there was an exchange of fire between the guards and the pirates.

An EU Naval Force frigate was dispatched to the scene and launched a helicopter that located the pirates. Seven pirates were found, including one who had died from small caliber gunshot wounds, indicating he had been shot by the contractors, said Harbour. The six remaining pirates were taken into custody.

Crews are becoming increasingly adept at repelling attacks by pirates in the dangerous waters of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. But pirates are becoming more aggressive in response, shooting bullets and rocket-propelled grenades at ships to try to intimidate captains into stopping.

Several organizations, including the International Maritime Bureau, have expressed fears that the use of armed security contractors could encourage pirates to be more violent when taking a ship. Sailors have been hurt or killed before but this generally happens by accident or through poor health. There has only been one known execution of a hostage despite dozens of pirate hijackings.

You have GOT to be joking.

The last sentence of that article is a simple falsehood. In fact, entire ships have disappeared, crews and all, never to be heard from again. In another case I’m aware of, the entire crew was executed. Granted these cases occurred in Indonesia, but the idea that if you offer no resistance to a boarding of your vessel by pirates you are SAFER is simply astonishing in it’s naivete.

This is gun control writ large. And out on the high seas, apparently International Maritime Bureau is just like Martha Coakley: they discourage self help.  According to these geniuses, just give up, pay the ransom and you will be allowed to live with only minimal risk. So if one of these qat-chewing goatherders

blows you in half with an AK because he’s you know, a criminal who’s a cat-chewing goatherder with an AK, I guess you were just the unlucky one.

It might occur to some of you that when ships offer no resistance and warships can’t protect them, and where the ship owners will pay large ransoms every time, you have an environment which only encourages more attacks.  But that doesn’t matter as long as no one picks up a weapon to defend themselves.

This is the ugly face of modern neo-pacifism. It’s the same kind of face that goes white as a sheet at the thought of a person having a gun on them for defensive purposes.  They’re not real pacifists of course. They’re perfectly happy to let the police or military kill people. But god forbid an individual or group of individuals should protect themselves. No, they should just have the decency to die quietly.

Pacifism is unethical.  “Turn the other cheek ” is not saintly, it merely assists in tyranny.  When I refuse to defend myself or anyone else, I merely empower others to exert their will over me and others. If more than a tiny fraction of people acted like this we wouldn’t even have a country, much less a free world.

The far-left and yes, even the less than far-left, loves the idea of pacifism. The more you get toward the center, the more they’re willing to let hired killers do their dirty work (as though soldiers and police doing the killing somehow evades moral culpability on the part of those who support them). But the notion of honest people taking up arms to defend their lives from criminals horrifies them. And it’s that latter sentiment which should disgust everyone.

As pernicious as the idea of pacifism may be, the hypocrisy rampant in these neo-pacifists is particularly disturbing. There are not nor will there ever be enough soldiers/police to keep you safe from bad guys at all times. That is a fact that no rational person can even argue against. And the neo-pacifists aren’t even morally opposed to killing bad guys. So their stated goal of keeping merchant ships disarmed, or on a more personal note, keeping law abiding citizens from owning or carrying guns for self-defense, is outright evil.  They may as well come out and say it.

“Our demonstrably failed ideology is more important than your life.”

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We Don’t Let Blind People Drive….

Posted by Bill Nance on February 11, 2010

So why in God’s name do we let anti-gun, hoplophobic people who know nothing about firearms or firearm safety try to mandate safety practices they don’t even understand?

The latest genius effort?   … wait for it…. Childproof guns.

Yep, This is a new meme coming from among other places, the Million Mom March (aka ignorant women with no common sense).  According to these mechanical engineers,firearms experts, idiots, guns can be made as safe as a teddy bear. Sure, hand your kid that 1911 that shoots a 230-grain projectile at 865 fps. It’s ok, because the MMM has passed laws that made guns safe as a teddy bear!

Think I’m joking?

Childproof Handguns make good sense!
Many products are regulated to make them safe to be used around children:

  • Medicine bottles have childproof caps;
  • Toys for young children are made with parts that cannot be swallowed; and
  • Teddy bears and dolls must be made of non-toxic, non-flammable materials

And how, pray tell, does one make a gun safe for 4-year-old johnny to cuddle up with all by his lonesome? According to the Brady Campaign (who sponsors MMM):  Loaded Chamber Indicators.

I kid you not. these idiots insist on trying to mandate a loaded chamber indicator as a child-safety device on firearms.

To those of you who don’t know what a loaded chamber indicator is, it’s a tab, or colored piece of plastic that is supposed to show when the chamber of a semi-auto racking handgun has a cartridge in it. The idea is that rather than checking to see if the gun is actually loaded, you can use the little tab (which is nearly invisible in most cases) to see if you’ve got one in the pipe. Yes, that’s right. Don’t actually CHECK, use the mechanical device (which can FAIL) to save yourself that extra 1 second which it takes to just look for yourself.

Basic safe gun handling indicates that you keep the gun unloaded until ready to fire. That mean’s you’ve removed the magazine, racked the slide to eject any loaded cartridges and re-checked the chamber just to be sure.  IN THAT ORDER. This is the only method of which I’m aware to be SURE a semi-auto handgun is actually unloaded. If there’s another way to be SURE, I don’t know it and I’m a NRA and State Police certified firearms safety instructor.*

So a loaded chamber indicator would do exactly what to keep kids safe from guns?  That’s right, nothing. In fact, a good bit LESS than nothing. In fact, an LCI is an open invitation to use unsafe gun handling techniques which will, absolutely and without question, lead eventually to a tragedy. You can be certain as the sun rising in the east that some jackass will use this to indicate whether or not his gun is unloaded, that it will fail and he will shoot someone. I’d be amazed if this hasn’t already happened.

Of what utility is the device? None. Zero. Nada.

If you want to check for a loaded chamber on a semi-auto handgun, you rack the slide and LOOK. You do NOT trust to a mechanical device (which can fail) to tell you something that 2 seconds and your own eyes can tell you without any possible error.  Why would you use a loaded chamber indicator? I can only think of one possible use for them and it’s a practice you’re a fool to follow:  That is, before you holster your defensive sidearm that you use the device to see if you’re fully loaded.

If you carry a semi-auto and keep a round in the chamber, that means you practice defensive tactics with this in mind. You draw, release the safety if there is one, aim and fire.What happens if the loaded chamber indicator is stuck or otherwise malfunctioning and in fact there is nothing in the chamber?

You get to hear the loudest noise in the world: a click instead of a bang. In a defensive situation that is likely to mean the difference between life and death. Are you SURE you want to bet your life on the LCI?  -Me neither.

So here we have the Million stupid person Mom March and the Brady Bunch calling for a device which actually increases the danger associated with handguns and claiming it’s going to make guns childproof.-Like a TEDDY BEAR.

I have news for the MMM and the Brady bunch: There is no such thing as a child-proof gun.

There are only GUN-SAFE Children.

That is, kids trained in basic gun safety, which starts with STOP, DON’T TOUCH, GET A GROWNUP.   You’d think educating kids about gun safety would be something these well-meaning authoritarians do-gooders would love wouldn’t you? But oh no, the antis don’t want the NRA’s award-winning educational program “Eddie Eagle” in schools to teach safety.  Oh noes, not the NRA! (shudder horror) No, they’d rather legislate new “features” which make our kids and everyone else demonstrably LESS safe than they were before.

This is how we got an “Assault Weapons” ban that banned vast numbers of firearms for nothing other than the way they looked. This is how we made felons of anyone from New Hampshire that  that makes the mistake of bringing his perfectly legal 13-round magazine into Mass. when he comes here for a shooting competition.

Only this nonsense is infinitely worse. It actually increases the danger of the firearms that the hoplophobes are so frightened of in the first place.

So I propose a new rule:

No one gets to talk about gun safety, gun handling or gun laws until they can pass a basic firearms knowledge and safety test. The test, which is part of the NRA’s basic home firearms safety course is trivial. Any eight year-old could pass it with thirty minutes instruction. Of course this means that it’s well beyond the comprehension of the average Brady Bunch member.

Gun Safety Training: Because you can’t legislate away ignorance or stupidity.

*Disclaimer: I am not in any way speaking for the NRA. I am speaking strictly as a private person. the opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.

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A Conundrum of Bloggy Proportions

Posted by Bill Nance on February 6, 2010

I have been getting a lot of hits on this page in the last couple of months, mostly referring from other places where I post thoughts, argue points, etc.

I have been doing that (writing on other forums), primarily, rather than writing blog posts.

This is for a couple of reasons:

First, I don’t want to copy/paste someone else’s  comments from a message board or topic forum and then have a discussion with myself on the blog. I won’t learn anything and the original writer hasn’t given me permission to do so.

Secondly, the things I’m inclined to write about are varied as can be. They range from ethics to guns, to civil rights and the wonderful personality of our dogs.  I’m neither a well-known person, widely published by other organizations, nor am I a specialist that can write volumes on a niche topic. Those are great things, but it’s not me.

As much as I like to write about guns, there’s only so much I can write that’s not a rip-off of someone else or hasn’t been said elsewhere better than I’m likely to present it.

I’m tempted to let the entire blog just die when it comes to renewal time. But I would like your feedback.


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Study Says Spanking Is Bad For Kids? More Psuedo Science From The Ivory Tower

Posted by Bill Nance on September 16, 2009

A study published in the journal Child Development says spanking is bad for kids, according to a CNN article. Pardon me if I’m somewhat skeptical over how exactly one really measures for this stuff, and am even more skeptical when I hear the same old pacifist arguments from ivory tower social “scientists.”

“”We’re talking about infants and toddlers, and I think that just, cognitively, they just don’t understand enough about right or wrong or punishment to benefit from being spanked,” said Lisa Berlin, the study’s lead author and research scientist at the Center for Child and Family Policy at Duke University.

Well Dr. Berlin, you’re quite right. Infants and toddlers don’t grasp ethics or time-outs and yelling is terrifying to a child that age. That’s why you give them a swat when they reach for the electrical outlet or the stove. They don’t grasp it’s not allowed, they DO grasp that when they reach for it they get an ouch, immediately and consistently. It usually doesn’t take more than a few times to teach the lesson.

Berlin and colleagues found that children who were spanked as 1-year-olds tended to behave more aggressively at age 2…

Measuring aggression in terms of X percent over/below baseline is nearly impossible.  How exactly do you arrive at a baseline? What exactly is your method for measuring aggression and how do you average it? And finally, how do you assess this so-called “aggressive” behavior other than in a fundamentally subjective and therefore unreliable manner? If the kids who were in one group were all randomly beating the snot out the kids in the other group, that would get my attention too. But that’s not the case here, and as with every study I have ever read that attempts to measure aggression, I’m reasonably sure that this one used “anything other than totally docile” as a definition of aggression. Seriously, someone define for me in a scientifically measurable way what is the difference between aggression and assertiveness in 2 year-olds and how to tell the two apart? -Remember, these are child psychologists, the same people who think little boys who don’t act like little girls need Ritalin.

To continue:

…[They] did not perform as well as other children on a test measuring thinking skills at age 3.

It’s  extremely difficult to measure the thinking skills of 3-year-olds. Kids develop at wildly different rates at that age for reasons that have nothing to do with spanking. So claiming that spanking is correlated with different measurements of thinking skills is questionable to put it kindly.

The new study focused on children from low-income families because prior research suggested that spanking is more common among them, Berlin said. This may be because of the added stresses of parenting in a low-income situation, or because of a “cultural contagion” of behaviors among people. For example, in some families this study examined, a grandmother would spank a child, or neighbors would encourage physical discipline, she said.

Her study found that about one-third of the 1-year-olds, and about half of the 2- and 3-year-olds, had been spanked in the previous week, according to mothers’ self-reporting to the researchers. At all three ages, African-American children were spanked significantly more frequently than those from white and Mexican-American families, and verbally punished more than the other children at ages 2 and 3, the study said.

You’ve got to be kidding me.  They used as a sample people from low-income groups which they admit are under “added stresses” and then used self reporting as a model for the study? In other words they looked for the most likely group to have high stress, low income, stress over money, little or poor childcare, most likely to be much younger parents than average..They picked out the group likely to be the worst parents in the country and then decided this would be the ideal group to use to study the effects of spanking? R U f***ing serious?

Now, as to self reporting:

Out here in the real world we know low-income people are much more likely to get their kids taken away for giving them a spanking than middle class people who have lawyers and will raise Hell with a legislator. This is a known factor. Do the study’s authors really think they can be relied on as accurate self-reporters of what many child welfare agencies define as a crime?  Are you people completely daft about the way the real world works? -wait, never mind, we’ve asnwered that.

This kind of thing is just silly. There are so many unmeasurables, so many complicating factors that there is no way on earth to control for,the study was meaningless before it started. Secondly, by measuring kids only in the first three years, years in which completely normal healthy and intelligent kids exhibit wide latitudes of behavior and cognitive skills and trying to correlate it with something you can’t even pretend to know is occurring with any certainty is ridiculous. Finally, when one third of your control group reports spanking their one-year-olds every week, you know before you get any further that this is far from “normal” behavior from the parents, which might lead you to draw conclusions about beating, abuse or other things, but can’t possibly tell you about the efficacy of “spanking.”

Stop with the B.S. studies that can’t and don’t prove anything. If you can’t measure it without using some half-assed subjective metric and you can’t control for variables, it’s not science. It’s someone’s subjective opinion. And choosing this group for the study instead of a populati0n cross-section indicates the “researchers” started out with an axe to grind and carefully crafted a “study” to confirm their opinions.

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September 11 -Perspective

Posted by Bill Nance on September 2, 2009

Well, here we are, 9 days before the 8th annniversery of Sept. 11, 2001, the day that gave us the “war on terror” or whatever they’re calling it this week.

On that day, 19 hijackers took over four airliners and proceeded to drive three of them into buildings filled with innocent men, women and children (even the pentagon has more civilian workers than military personnel.) The fourth airplane, United Airlines Flight 93, had a different outcome. Passengers, alerted to the first impacts on the World Trade Center heroicly stormed the cockpit, forcing the hijackers to drive the plane into the ground.

In all, nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered on that day and rightfully, with indignation and anger we turned our attention on the perpetrators of that crime and their sponsors and unleashed Hell.

There were some real heroes on that day; the people on flight 93 who stormed that cockpit were heroes. The firefighters, EMS people and cops who went into the WTC knowing full-well it was likely to come down with them inside were heroes. but for the most part, the dead on that day were just victims.

I’m truly sorry for anyone who lost loved ones on that day. But I’m just as sorry for any other person who’s lost someone to a murderer. Just because one murder, or yes, even 3000 is more spectacular than another doesn’t make the mother of a 9-year-old killed in a drive-by less worthy of compassion. This Sept. 11, let’s try to put it in perspective and call out the heroes who genuinely did heroic things. We can remember the victims, but honestly folks, calling helpless victims heroes cheapens the word and lessens the things done by REAL heroes on that awful day.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Posted by Bill Nance on August 30, 2009

I was browsing MSNBC this morning and ran into this little gem of an article about a redevelopment of a housing project in Watts, CA.

LOS ANGELES – Juanita Sims has lived in the notorious Jordan Downs project in Watts for nearly four decades, raising eight children behind the barred windows of the cramped barracks-like apartments.

Let me get this straight: Sims has lived for free in a housing project since the age of 33ish, collecting welfare and raised eight kids there? And she’s still there?


Watts is virtually right next to Long Beach and is a relatively easy bus-ride from West LA or northern Orange County, all places with plentiful job opportunities. Work is hard to come by in Compton, but taking the bus to work is something I’ve managed to do for years at a time. In other words, there isn’t a reason on earth why someone, even someone not too bright or very enterprising, can get a job; if perhaps not a very good one. Welfare-to-work programs have been available for decades, helping people pay for childcare, education, healthcare and even housing.

I’ve never been one to blame the poor for being poor, but at some point, it stops being the fault of bad breaks and starts being the responsibility of the people who live in poverty when there are alternatives. Minimum wage jobs suck and the pay stinks, but it’s a start. That first job teaches you how to hold a job, how to take orders and some, if not many skills. From that really crappy job you move into a marginally less crappy job, making a little more, learning some new skills and move onto another still-less crappy job. Somewhere along the way you get some training or develop some skills that are actually in demand and can live in something other than poverty if not great comfort.

In other words, it’s the same path millions of us have all taken. My first job was as a deckhand on a fishing boat in the summer. My first real job was working at McDonald’s, where I juggled that and a second minimum wage job so I could pay the rent. From there I went to another job waiting tables making a whopping 30 cents an hour over minimum wage ($3.40 an hour woot!) and made some pretty measly tips as well (It wasn’t exactly a high-class joint). I did all this before the age of 17 because I’d been out of the house since 15! That’s right, no high-school diploma. Hell I wasn’t even legally allowed to work. I lied about my age on every application. When I turned 17 I took the California High School Competency test, receiving an actual high school diploma so I could join the military. From there it was all progressive improvements.

A note to Juanita and those like her: Keep your damned legs closed and get a job. Raising eight kids in the projects and spending four decades on the dole is pathetic, not something that inspires pity.

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Opposition vs. Naked Power Lust

Posted by Bill Nance on August 6, 2009

I’ve said repeatedly in the past that I bear no love for the Democratic Party. In my experience they’re gutless, often bereft of good ideas and have the moral courage of the average swindler. They STILL aren’t investigating the Bushies over torture. They STILL aren’t going after them for illegal wire-tapping, they cling to the completely refuted idea of gun-control as a legitimate means of crime control and they seem to have a great delight in controlling what I do with my own body, from smoking to eating transfats.

I’ve often agreed with the GOP in years gone by (notably NOT from 2001-2008).  Many so-called “conservative” ideals make a great deal of sense to me: The importance of free markets, the need for social order, the value of pragmatism in policy making and the ideal of a government no larger than it needs to be.

Of course I have plenty of disagreements with the GOP and always have had: I despise their open use and manipulation of fundamentalist religion in politics, their attempts to criminalize abortion and their insane “War on Drugs,” and I could expound on the list of demerits for both parties ad infinitum.

So like most Americans, I think I’m a political independent.

But over the last eight years, and in the last 8 months in particular, I’ve grown to hold the GOP in complete contempt. It’s not because I disagree with their policies, because in the last year they haven’t OFFERED any policies with to disagree.

No, the GOP has earned my hatred because it’s become entirely obvious that they have no interest in good governance or policy at all. Instead they have shown repeatedly that they are interested in one thing and one thing only: regaining political power no matter what the cost to the country.

Whether it’s debates about healthcare or the budget or the stimulus plan, the GOP hasn’t offered a single serious alternative. They haven’t even made an attempt to contribute serious alternative solutions to problems which anyone with the slightest bit of sense can see need fixing. All they’ve done for the last year has been to offer obstruction.  And all they’ve done for the last 8 months has been to do everything in their power to demonize the president, pander to crazies like the “Birthers” and sell blatant lies about proposals on healthcare reform while hoping for the worst for the country so they can get back into power.

You see, I don’t think the Democrats are likely to do a terrific job on the serious issues of the day without some outside input.  That’s where the idea of a “loyal” opposition comes in. President Obama has practically gotten on his knees and begged for serious participation from the GOP and has been utterly ignored for the most part.  So rather than have a serious input on the process, a moderating influence on the Dems ideas that might actually result in something good for the country, they’ve chosen to abdicate from the process and do all in their power to make any progress fail.

We can’t afford for these things to fail. And for someone elected to protect and defend the constitution, someone who is obligated to good governance to deliberately sabotage any possible progress, that’s not opposition at all. It’s power politics and to Hell with the welfare of the country.

There’s an old saying: “Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way.”  The GOP has decided to vote “none of the above.” And for that sin, may they they rot in Hell.

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Michael Jackson: Pedophile? Maybe. Popular singer? Sure. Important to Music or Culture as a Whole? Gimme a Break!

Posted by Bill Nance on July 6, 2009

We just got back from our fifth anniversary trip to Montreal tonight.  It was a wonderful trip where we got together with some old and some newer friends, had a ball at the Montreal Jazz Festival and got a chance to have stellar Paella at our favorite restaurant.

We had some down-time here and there and of course it always takes me a while to fall asleep, so we had a chance to watch the boob-tube for a while, mostly CNN, trying to get more on the Palin resignation, or on Iran.

Apparently Michael Jackson’s death and all the idiocy surrounding his life is the ONLY thing of import happening in the world.  At least if you’re CNN.

I have freaking news for you people, he wasn’t that big a deal.

Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Buddy Holly, The Beatles and The Doors all had lasting impacts on popular music that are 1000 times more lasting and serious than anything Michael Jackson ever even approached.  He was about as significant a figure as Fred Astaire when you look at his dancing, or as Paris Hilton when you look at anything else.

And of the above mentioned rock/blues bands/artists, none were ever indicted twice on child molestation charges.

He’s dead, and no crying from me.  For all you people acting as though he was Elvis, get a friggin grip.

And CNN has officially been removed from my list of reputable news sources. Anyone that devotes 24/7 coverage to Michael Jackson in the middle of giant news events goes to the bottom of the list. You’d be better off watching Fox. How pathetic is that?

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13 Year-Old Strip-Searched For possible Posession of Ibuprofen: and the school is appealing the lawsuit they lost?

Posted by Bill Nance on January 16, 2009

I don’t post much on the subject of stupid school administrators for essentially two reasons: One; the fodder is so common (Almost the rule it seems) and Two; my blood pressure can’t take it.

But I’ll make an exception for the case of then 13-year-old Savana Redding, an honor student at Safford Middle School, about 127 miles from Tucson, Arizona.

In 2003 a student was found with ibuprofen (oh, the horrors)! The student, under threats of God-only-knows what, said she had obtained the ibuprofen from Savanna, her classmate. After a search of her locker and backpack (as if that’s not bad enough with no warrant or probable cause) the MALE school teacher, along with the assistant principle and a teacher’s aide, both females, strip searched this little girl, including pulling her bra to peek inside.

Folks, this is called child abuse. There is no other term for it. And the fact that the County Attorney didn’t immediately file criminal charges against these perverts speaks volumes for what’s wrong with our judicial system. (I hasten to add, had the girl texted photos of herself in this state of undress to a boy, the prosecutor would no doubt have been Johnny-On-The-Spot with charges of child pornography).

It’s too bad this happened, it’s also too bad the girl didn’t scream rape, kick the teacher in the balls and scratch the eyes out of the two females.

It’s also very fortunate for all three of these idiots that this wasn’t my daughter. I’ve never hit a woman in my life, but I’d be happy to make an exception for these idiots, and the male teacher would get the ass-kicking of the century. Frankly that’s a far better lesson than a court case.

The case is now up before the Supreme Court of the United States. If they rule that this is permissible, I urge any and all of you with children to keep them home indefinitely or to switch them to a private school where you can be assured no such thing will occur. Maybe losing out on enough funding from having no children present will make the schools finally grasp that they are not police, jailers or narcotics agents. Maybe they could also learn to do something really complicated when there’s a problem: like calling the child’s parents before they strip search a 13 year-old little girl.

/end rant

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