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Gun Pr0n: Marlin 336W

Posted by Bill Nance on June 3, 2009

Marlin 336W

Marlin 336W

I picked this bad boy up a little over a week ago, just in time for my birthday. It’s meant for killing Bambi’s mother hunting deer in Maine.

The 336 derives from the Marlin 1893 and Model 36, which are similar to the Winchester Model 94, but have a side, rather than a rear ejection port.

It’s chambered for the venerable 30-30 cartridge, the most popular caliber among hunters in the U.S.

When I started looking into hunting rifles I considered a lot of different possibilities. Obviously the 7mm, 30 ’06 and other calibers available would have been fine choices as well, but I selected the 30-30 because I don’t forsee myself taking any long-distance shots in the dense foliage of central/northern Maine.

The 30-30 is considered an ideal caliber for shots up to about 200 yards or so, and is accurate and deadly at 250.

I originally looked at several Winchester Model 94s but was frankly very disappointed in them. The action felt overly loose and down-right rickety in some cases. Compared with the Uberti for instance, well, there is no comparison at all.

Marlin is an old name and a company with a fine reputation so I started looking at these and was not disappointed. The action is solid, firm and consistent and the stock sights are quite good. I will probably replace the stock sights with something a little larger or add a scope/optics of some kind to this gun. The top of the receiver is pre-drilled to accept scope mounts or a weaver rail.

Range Report:

I’ve only had this gun out once so far and I put 12 rounds down range, just enough to satisfy me as to its accuracy. At 100 yards it shoots better than I do (Which isn’t saying a great deal perhaps, but what the heck).

All in all I’m very pleased with the new acquisition, and what’s better yet, (Aside from ammo costs) it fits my wife perfectly as it has a fairly short stock.  For a shooter with short arms, women in particular, this is a very big deal.

Of course now we’re looking at another $150 to set up our Dillon for reloading 30-30, but I forsee this gun getting some decent use over the years to come. Like all the firearms we’ve acquired so far, this one is never going to be sold.


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