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We Don’t Let Blind People Drive….

Posted by Bill Nance on February 11, 2010

So why in God’s name do we let anti-gun, hoplophobic people who know nothing about firearms or firearm safety try to mandate safety practices they don’t even understand?

The latest genius effort?   … wait for it…. Childproof guns.

Yep, This is a new meme coming from among other places, the Million Mom March (aka ignorant women with no common sense).  According to these mechanical engineers,firearms experts, idiots, guns can be made as safe as a teddy bear. Sure, hand your kid that 1911 that shoots a 230-grain projectile at 865 fps. It’s ok, because the MMM has passed laws that made guns safe as a teddy bear!

Think I’m joking?

Childproof Handguns make good sense!
Many products are regulated to make them safe to be used around children:

  • Medicine bottles have childproof caps;
  • Toys for young children are made with parts that cannot be swallowed; and
  • Teddy bears and dolls must be made of non-toxic, non-flammable materials

And how, pray tell, does one make a gun safe for 4-year-old johnny to cuddle up with all by his lonesome? According to the Brady Campaign (who sponsors MMM):  Loaded Chamber Indicators.

I kid you not. these idiots insist on trying to mandate a loaded chamber indicator as a child-safety device on firearms.

To those of you who don’t know what a loaded chamber indicator is, it’s a tab, or colored piece of plastic that is supposed to show when the chamber of a semi-auto racking handgun has a cartridge in it. The idea is that rather than checking to see if the gun is actually loaded, you can use the little tab (which is nearly invisible in most cases) to see if you’ve got one in the pipe. Yes, that’s right. Don’t actually CHECK, use the mechanical device (which can FAIL) to save yourself that extra 1 second which it takes to just look for yourself.

Basic safe gun handling indicates that you keep the gun unloaded until ready to fire. That mean’s you’ve removed the magazine, racked the slide to eject any loaded cartridges and re-checked the chamber just to be sure.  IN THAT ORDER. This is the only method of which I’m aware to be SURE a semi-auto handgun is actually unloaded. If there’s another way to be SURE, I don’t know it and I’m a NRA and State Police certified firearms safety instructor.*

So a loaded chamber indicator would do exactly what to keep kids safe from guns?  That’s right, nothing. In fact, a good bit LESS than nothing. In fact, an LCI is an open invitation to use unsafe gun handling techniques which will, absolutely and without question, lead eventually to a tragedy. You can be certain as the sun rising in the east that some jackass will use this to indicate whether or not his gun is unloaded, that it will fail and he will shoot someone. I’d be amazed if this hasn’t already happened.

Of what utility is the device? None. Zero. Nada.

If you want to check for a loaded chamber on a semi-auto handgun, you rack the slide and LOOK. You do NOT trust to a mechanical device (which can fail) to tell you something that 2 seconds and your own eyes can tell you without any possible error.  Why would you use a loaded chamber indicator? I can only think of one possible use for them and it’s a practice you’re a fool to follow:  That is, before you holster your defensive sidearm that you use the device to see if you’re fully loaded.

If you carry a semi-auto and keep a round in the chamber, that means you practice defensive tactics with this in mind. You draw, release the safety if there is one, aim and fire.What happens if the loaded chamber indicator is stuck or otherwise malfunctioning and in fact there is nothing in the chamber?

You get to hear the loudest noise in the world: a click instead of a bang. In a defensive situation that is likely to mean the difference between life and death. Are you SURE you want to bet your life on the LCI?  -Me neither.

So here we have the Million stupid person Mom March and the Brady Bunch calling for a device which actually increases the danger associated with handguns and claiming it’s going to make guns childproof.-Like a TEDDY BEAR.

I have news for the MMM and the Brady bunch: There is no such thing as a child-proof gun.

There are only GUN-SAFE Children.

That is, kids trained in basic gun safety, which starts with STOP, DON’T TOUCH, GET A GROWNUP.   You’d think educating kids about gun safety would be something these well-meaning authoritarians do-gooders would love wouldn’t you? But oh no, the antis don’t want the NRA’s award-winning educational program “Eddie Eagle” in schools to teach safety.  Oh noes, not the NRA! (shudder horror) No, they’d rather legislate new “features” which make our kids and everyone else demonstrably LESS safe than they were before.

This is how we got an “Assault Weapons” ban that banned vast numbers of firearms for nothing other than the way they looked. This is how we made felons of anyone from New Hampshire that  that makes the mistake of bringing his perfectly legal 13-round magazine into Mass. when he comes here for a shooting competition.

Only this nonsense is infinitely worse. It actually increases the danger of the firearms that the hoplophobes are so frightened of in the first place.

So I propose a new rule:

No one gets to talk about gun safety, gun handling or gun laws until they can pass a basic firearms knowledge and safety test. The test, which is part of the NRA’s basic home firearms safety course is trivial. Any eight year-old could pass it with thirty minutes instruction. Of course this means that it’s well beyond the comprehension of the average Brady Bunch member.

Gun Safety Training: Because you can’t legislate away ignorance or stupidity.

*Disclaimer: I am not in any way speaking for the NRA. I am speaking strictly as a private person. the opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.


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Bummer at the range

Posted by Bill Nance on November 20, 2008

I’m not a fan of large public indoor ranges in general. Having 10 people blasting away only a few feet from you is a huge noise distraction and the smoke gets pretty bad even with good ventilation.

The really good part about some of these ranges is that they rent firearms. This is useful to trainers and also gives people a chance to try a gun before they buy one. Overall, they can be good places, but in general not high on my list of places to shoot unless they are small and I know the operators.

But last night it was go to a public range or don’t shoot and my Sweetie wanted to shoot her birthday present.

About 30 minutes into the shoot, three young men came in with their girlfriends. All of a sudden we had someone in the next booth blasting out totally uncontrolled rapid fire on an auto-feeding pistol. Pow-pow-pow-pow-pow-pow-pow-pow-pow- as fast as the trigger could be pulled.

We were using small 50-foot 10″ X 12″ pistol targets at 30 feet. The guys to our left were using giant, 50-yard 35″ X 45″ silhouette targets at less than 10 feet away. They were blasting away like some movie hero at a huge target and not even hitting the paper with more than one round out of a magazine.

This makes me nervous. It’s not that I have anything against rapid fire, but I definitely DO have a problem with uncontrolled rapid fire. Firing a weapon in a way you can’t control where the bullets are going is inherently dangerous to yourself and anyone else in the vicinity.  And if you’re missing 10-12 out of 13 shots at a 35 X 45 target 10 feet away, you’re not in control of the firearm.

So here we were, trying out the new guns, getting a feel for the way the sights work on each one, etc. and now three guys imitating Wesley Snipes are firing weapons totally out of control between 3 and 12 feet away. (The three booths to our side) while the girls have the flashes going from the cameras. -Certainly not an ideal situation.

As this is going on, the girlfriends are taking pictures of the boys, who are mugging for the camera with  loaded firearms, and sure as hell, while I was behind our booth while my wife was shooting, one of these idiots points a Glock directly to his side, at head level, waving the muzzle at half the people on the range. while shouting to his girlfriend with his finger on the trigger.

I started screaming at him to get the muzzle pointed down range. The guys to our right, who have been scowling at these idiots since they started screwing around with the uncontrolled fire give me look that says: “Oh My God.” The clown waving the gun around doesn’t seem to get it that he’s pointing the weapon in an unsafe direction, but finally sets it down, picks up a magazine and waves it at me with a grin.

I reported the incident to the guys at the desk, who went out and talked to these idiots, but we’re done. We’ll probably never shoot there again.

After the guy at the front desk talked to them, I didn’t observe any more gun-waving, but the uncontrolled fire didn’t stop.

That’s when we left.

This is the worst safety violation I’ve ever seen in person. Even though the guys who run the range seem like good folks, and have cameras present on the range, they apparently didn’t have anyone observing these guys.  I’ll never shoot somewhere where novices are handed firearms and sent out on a crowded public range with no trainer or rangemaster physically on the firing line.

It’s sad. Years back I was a regular at Kyle’s Indoor Range in Yakima, Washington (sadly now closed). These folks also rented guns. I’m a huge fan of these kinds of ranges because it allows you to try a firearm before you buy it. Not my favorite place to shoot necessarily, but they serve an invaluable function.

But I’ve never been on a range where new people weren’t being at least closely observed. The other three ranges of this type I’ve been to wouldn’t let you shoot until you had carefully read and listened to the range safety rules and wouldn’t let you shoot without direct, physical supervision until you had been observed shooting for a bit or were a well-known customer. If the range was crowded, they had someone physically on the firing line as a matter of course. The rapid fire I described would have brought immediate and close scrutiny just from the rapidity of the shots at a crowded range, just to be sure no one was being stupid. And these three clowns would have been kicked off the range within a minute without a customer saying a word after waving a gun around, not to mention the uncontrolled fire.

We weren’t read safety rules. (In fairness we had had enough chat with the guy who signed us in on a previous day that he probably knew this was unnecessary, but still, it’s a rule I wouldn’t let slide for ANYONE). I wonder if there was any such conversation with three knuckleheads in question?

Again, I’m not naming the range. They may be terrific folks and this could have been a freak thing. -A bad night, regular customers who were drunk, stoned or stupid, or God only knows what else. But then again it’s my first experience there. Having had my safety and that of my wife jeopardized, doesn’t exactly leave me foaming at the mouth to go back.

It’s frustrating to me as someone who both cares about the sport and values my Second Amendment rights. Behavior like this is dangerous. It’s the kind of thing that gets innocents killed or seriously injured.

I would have spoken to the guys in more detail about the issue, but they apparently didn’t speak English, not to mention what my wife says are the gang signs they were flashing for the camera.

Sadly having a constitutional right doesn’t mean we’ll all use it responsibly. And unlike the other amendments, particularly the 1st, many Americans don’t see the terrible consequences of the Second Amendment being incrementally restricted into non-existence. So unlike when a reporter writes a hugely irresponsible and factually incorrect article that results in something awful happening (see child-molester witch-hunts), the effects of someone getting shot are immediate, scary and guaranteed to get plenty of news coverage. So every time some idiot shoots themselves while cleaning a pistol or shoots someone else through negligence and stupidity, or just scares the Holy Bejeebers out of everyone in the vicinity through carelessness and dangerous behavior, our rights are endangered.

I wish I had a good answer for this. If this had been my home range, I would have made more of an effort to educate these guys. (Speaking better Spanish maybe would have helped too, but I speak enough that I might have been able to make myself clear). But then again, at my club, they would have straightened up immediately or police would have been called and their membership rescinded.

All in all it left a pretty bad taste in our mouths after what should have been a delightful time.

So what do you think? What should we have done differently, if anything? And how can we, as firearms enthusiasts, help to prevent these types of situations from recurring? I’m all ears.

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