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Truer Words Have Never Been Said…

Posted by Bill Nance on April 6, 2010

From a reader on Andrew Sullivan’s site:

During the campaign, Obama was demonized by the right and hounded by the press for not walking out of a church led by the likes of a Rev. Wright, whose worst sin was harsh rhetoric.  When will Catholic politicians be asked whether they intend to remain in the Church as long as it is led by a man who, at best was negligent in his role in investigating sexual abuse of children, or at worst, was actively involved in the cover up?

No kidding. But don’t wait for the anti-Obama crazies. They sold any sort of actual intellectual honesty and integrity down the river a long time ago.


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Legaly Correct, Tactically Stupid

Posted by Bill Nance on August 28, 2009

The left-wing blogosphere is going apeshit over people showing up to Obama appearances open-carrying guns of various shapes and sizes. What’s behind the hysteria? In a word: fear.

Fear of guns and fear of people who have them and far more, fear of people who carry them.

I won’t go into the hysteria of the gun-grabbers. It’s all been said before. Instead I want to talk about the wisdom of those people choosing a political meeting about healthcare as a place for an in-your-face demonstration for RKBA.

It’s stupid folks. It’s incredibly bad tactics. It scares the bejeebers out of moderates who would normally be on our side and convinces absolutely no one who wasn’t already passionate about the issue. Worse yet, it’s another thing to throw out to moderate voters, the people who decide elections, to show that those gun people are just dangerous nutcases waiting to go postal.

Case in point:

Dumbshittery in action

Dumbshittery in action

This genius shows up to an Obama meeting on healthcare with a sign that quite directly calls for the shedding of the blood of patriots and tyrants; as in, you know, Obama. There is no other way to take this kind of statement. By itself it’s an obnoxious sign. I mean seriously, you’re going to have an armed revolt over healthcare reform? pulease. Grow the Hell up. But when you add the sidearm now it’s not just stupid, it hurts me. Because now the message stops being whatever the original point was and starts being about how dangerous people who own guns are.

Now, does Mister Dumbshit have the right to open carry? Of course. He even has the right to open carry to a political meeting. But it’s stupid to do so and even more stupid to do so carrying that sign.

Let’s face it folks, I’d put the odds of Obama going through a full term without a credible assasination attempt at slim and none. And that’s without any of the hyperbole on the right. Even if the guy was a conservative, his skin color alone makes a sadly large number of people in this country think: “Holy crap, there’s a nigger in the whitehouse.”  We can pretend all day long that isn’t true, but it is. And when that happens, succesful or not, clowns like this are going to get all of us blamed. It will be all about the gun, not the racist jerk that took the shot. And the grabbers will point to pictures like this and say “See? didn’t we tell you these people are dangerous?” Of course they’d do that anyway. But everytime they say it now, they’ll show this picture and scream “I told you so!”

There is a time and a place for everything. Even stupid signs, and yes, certainly for open carry protests. They happen not infrequently in New Hampshire and generally I’m all for them. People should be made to understand that people with guns aren’t dangerous. The best protests I’ve seen have been protests where open-carry advocates have picked up trash in town. What better face to put out to the community?

But this kind of crap is the polar opposite. Carry a sign calling for armed revolt while openly armed at a presidential meeting about something wholly unrelated to guns and no one gets the RKBA message. They get a message that people with guns are freakin looneys who need to be disarmed.

Every time I hear about stuff like this I shake my head. Who needs the Brady Bunch when we have fools like this on “our side?”

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Quote Of The Day

Posted by Bill Nance on July 28, 2009

If you’re a Republican, a lot of things are logical: the entire debt began the moment Obama took office; Bush and Cheney never tortured anyone, but Obama is about to; the WMDs really are in Iraq; the president has the constitutional power to send tanks into the streets to arrest any American without charges; deficits don’t matter; Obama is a Kenyan Muslim impostor; and Sarah Palin was qualified to be president of the United States at a moment’s notice. Politics as magical realism.

Andrew Sullivan, on the intellectual dishonesty and willful ignorance of right-wingers lately.

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Dissenting Opinion -No, Not All Gun-Rights Advocates Voted For Palin/MCain

Posted by Bill Nance on April 8, 2009

Deep breath….

Well, I had the temerity to (again) admit that I campaigned and voted for Barack Obama in November – Something I’ve never been in the slightest bit bashful about.  But when you admit these things on a decidedly right-wing gun forum, you’d better get ready for the fireworks. I admit I didn’t expect the animosity I received.

A few comments resulting from that post: (all anonymous by the way):

  • obama? thanks a fuckin lot
  • You Socialist scumbag.
  • A socalist is a socalist, they are all bad. You’re no [sic] excemption.
  • Burn those flags, brother!

These were actually, some of the tamest things said.

So how can someone who loves their guns, is an absolutist on the Human Right of self-defense (and the means to that defense) vote for a guy like Barack Obama? Easy enough to answer.

First and foremost, the country faces enormous challenges, politically, internationally and of course economically. The McCain/Palin ticket seemed to me to have virtually no answers on any of those issues. They promised what was, in all substance, a third Bush term.

Second, John McCain did two things for which I will forgive no politician, ever.

One: He voted against making the CIA hold itself to the same standards as the U.S. military’s Field Manual on Interrogations. In other words, torture is fine as long as the CIA does it.

Two: His pick of Sarah Palin, the buffoon from Wasilla, with major ties to a secessionist movement, not a shred of understanding of ANY issue of national importance and a religious fanatic to boot, was frankly the most horrendously cynical and irresponsible move by a major party presidential candidate in history. As I said at the time, Palin makes Dan Quayle look like Winston Churchill. -And I wasn’t alone. Many Republicans came to the same conclusion.

Finally, I liked lots of what Barack Obama was talking about.

Anyone who thinks the current healthcare system is actually working is not aware of the facts of the matter -it’s plain willful ignorance.

The notion that zero government intervention or yet MORE tax breaks for the already wealthy is the proper response when the market has imploded in an unprecedented way is a position firmly opposed to reality.

And finally, anyone who thinks more bellicose language and a refusal to deal with Realpolitik is a good idea hasn’t paid attention for the last 8 years. This is not even mentioning the Republicans’ complete capitulation on any semblance of fiscal discipline or intellectual honesty since 2001.

All that having been said, there was one guy with whom I agreed on lots of things and bitterly opposed on a few others (mostly guns and the sheer level of government growth) The other person running stood for absolutely nothing I believed in, had not a shred of credibility and had chosen someone as a running-mate who wasn’t qualified to be a decent mayor a a mid-sized town, much less Vice President of the United States.The ONLY thing I liked about the McCain/Palin ticket was their stance on gun control.

Given those choices, it was obvious to me who the right man was among the two serious candidates. I thought at the time and still believe that a McCain/Palin administration would have been utter disaster for this country. I think Obama will, overall, do a vastly better job. Gun control is ONE issue. A very important one, but not the ONLY one.

For those who can’t figure this out, let me ask you to join me in a quick thought experiment.

Suppose Ted Kennedy were running for office vs. an Anti-gun Republican with otherwise solid “conservative” credentials.

Now pretend for a moment that Kennedy had been an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment for his entire career, but that all his other positions were identical to what we all know and despise.

By you’re logic, given the above facts, you’d all vote for TED KENNEDY based on guns alone? -Gimme a Freakin break.

That’s the same choice you’d have me make in voting for the McCain Palin ticket. I won’t do it, I didn’t do it, and no, I don’t regret it for a second.

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Mexico Is Disentigrating…It Must Be American Gun Owners’ Fault

Posted by Bill Nance on April 4, 2009

Over the last month or so, we’ve all have watched with horror the events in Mexico’s struggle with narcotics traffickers. Mass shootings, commonplace kidnapping an murders and the whole country basically devolving into a Colombianesque nightmare.

There are many factors behind this; first and foremost of course, America’s continued insane policies of drug prohibition, without which, virtually all the money the cartels make (and use to arm themselves and create chaos) would go away in an instant.

Second is Mexico’s sad, long history of official corruption, which, when combined with the sheer size of the bribes the drug traffickers can offer, thanks to prohibition in the U.S., can reach into virtually every area of Mexican officialdom. This makes enforcing laws nearly impossible, because the traffickers frankly have more money to offer in hefty payola than the government has to offer in salaries. Add to this the ever present threat of Plata O Plomo (silver or lead in Spanish, meaning take the bribe or die) and you’ve got an enormous mess on your hands in a very poor country right on our southern borders.

But, none of that has really been forthcoming form the U.S. media, and certainly not from the U.S. Government. No, this time, in an effort to find a bogeyman to distract us from our insane drug prohibition policies the government, with willing assistance form a news media too lazy to even bother checking its facts, is blaming U.S. exported guns.

But the math doesn’t work out, as this excellent article details.

Money quote:

A big part of the argument being made by the U.S. and Mexican governments with respect to the source of guns in the possession of Mexican narco-trafficking groups is based on statistics related to so-called gun traces conducted by the ATF.

But if you follow the media narrative on this, as well as the U.S. government’s own proclamations, you soon discover that the math being practiced is right out of Alice in Wonderland, via the Mock Turtle: Reeling and Writhing, of course, to begin with, and then the different branches of arithmetic — Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.

By all means read the article. It’s well researched and has plenty of solid factual links, as opposed to the piss-poor reportage the MSM has done on these frankly ludicrous claims of a steady stream of American firearms to Mexico.

But let’s take the issue on here just for an exercise in common sense.

  1. It is a major felony to export arms from the U.S. without an arms export license
  2. The ATF already audits gun shops routinely and checks their records of sales, that background checks were run on all gun-buyers and that serial numbers on guns were kept. Violation of these regulations can wind up getting a gun dealer thrown in jail on federal charges.
  3. Straw sales, that is sales to one person who intends to give the gun to another person not legally allowed to own a gun (like illegal aliens and other non citizens in most cases) is another serious federal crime.
  4. It is illegal under Mexican law to import arms into the country except under express circumstances.
  5. Mexico has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the Western Hemisphere.

Given the fact that the cartels are doing business literally in the billions of dollars, does it make the slightest bit of sense that even if the border wall were up and 100% foolproof as far as guns go, they would somehow be disarmed?  A fully automatic AK-47 (illegal in the U.S. since the 1930s under the National Firearms Act) is available on the black market in any third world country for well under $200.  That’s a great deal cheaper than $900-$1,700 a semi-auto American manufactured long gun costs here in the U.S., even a used one.

Bottom line is that the weapons found in Mexico which are from the U.S. are without a doubt stolen in the vast majority of cases. I suspect the rest, not linked to U.S. legal purchases came from the Mexican government in return for some hefty bribes and from other international sources.  The continued hoopla raised by the Obama administration clearly has two goals:

  1. Ratchet up the anti-gun rhetoric
  2. Whatever they do, DO NOT actually deal with the fact that the only reason Mexico is having this problem is because of the insane policies of drug prohibition in the United States.

After all, we wouldn’t want to spoil the narrative with facts now, would we.

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Racists Target Wikipedia Entry For President Of The United States

Posted by Bill Nance on January 20, 2009

This just appeared on the Wikipedia entry under “President of the United States.”

140px-wassermeloneOfficial Seal

Get used to it, the racists are going to be very unhappy in the next 4 years. Let us all pray the Secret Service never lets its guard down.

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Obama Inauguration Day: Get Ready For Vast The Right-Wing Conspiracy

Posted by Bill Nance on January 20, 2009

Today, Tuesday, 20 January, 2009 Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. -And the nutcases are already starting to bloom in earnest.

I honestly have to say I’ve not understood the partisan rancor, especially among those on the far left and far right in this country, every time a President they didn’t vote for is elected. I didn’t understand it when Bill Clinton was elected and the Rush Limbaughs of the world were bashing him and preparing their audiences for the “End of Life in America As We Know It.” Nor did I really understand the hysteria over George Bush.  Absent the events of 9/11/01, Bush would have been creamed in 2004 and been an incompetent, but altogether unremarkable president. None of the people who were going crazy on January 20, 2001 claiming Bush “stole the election” had the slightest idea how bad he would be, so they can hardly claim with any credibility “I told you so.” (2004 is another matter entirely, and just for the record: “I Told You So).

Over the last few weeks the level of insanity among the far right has increased to dizzying proportions and the bunker-dwelling, back-helicopter seeing, militia-going segment of the population is working overtime at rising to all-time highs of paranoia.

Some of the things the nuts are saying:

Barack Obama is not a “Natural Born” citizen of the United States -I’ve seen this argued repeatedly on internet forums over the last few weeks. The nut-cases call him “The Usurper.” The best email I’ve seen going around is a copy of this web page which is a letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff asking them to perform a coup d’etat. (No, I’m not exaggerating).

The next best thing is the Obama’s call for a “civilian security force.” That’s right, according to the wackos, Obama is getting ready to establish the SA “right here in amurrica!” to quote on wackjob commenting on Digg, what us “Loyal Americans need to do:

ABSOLUTELY!! About time!! We do need a Civilian Security Corps. We Armed Citizens need to band together to be prepared to fight the oppressive government forming right now.

Right now:
Start identifying trusted folks with which to create cells of folks. 3-5 persons only. These cells need to be developed in secrecy from each other with only the area coordinators knowing who’s who. Even then they don’t need to know who’s in the cell, only the cell “contact”.
Start identifying enemies, potential collaborators and developing info lists on their addresses, vehicle info, their “networks”, and their routines.
Start becoming self sufficient: learn to grow a “victory garden”, stock up on long term food items, ammunition for your firearms. If you can buy extra rifles and pistols to be used to outfit your family members and local cell.

I feel so much safer now.

There are plenty more where those two come from.

  • Obama is a secret Muslim
  • He will take his oath of office on the Koran
  • He will confiscate all privately owned firearms

the list goes on, but I tire of reciting bat-shit crazy conspiracy theories.

The hysteria over Obama will just continue. It never went away for Bill Clinton. Add the racial aspect, which I see as the undertone of much of the internet rancor, and it’s going to be even worse for Obama.

I’m hopeful that President Obama will do a good job. I plan to oppose his administration on things I disagree with, but that was also true of Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43.

While I am excited to see Obama entering his new office and hopeful that if anyone is likely to see us through the current mess, he’s certainly a better pick than John McCain would have been, it’s not going to be a miraculous process. Obama will not part the Red Sea or magically make the economy better. The best he, or any politician can hope to do is to provide stimulus (cash) and policies that will help the markets recover in the only way they ever really have: by themselves.

It takes real work to wreck an economy. George W. Bush and the Republicans are, so far as I know, the only group in America ever to do so. Similarly, it’s extraordinarily difficult to seriously affect an economy in a long-lasting, significant way. I’d say FDR did this, Reagan would be on the list as well. That’s two presidents in at least the last century. For Obama to fix the incredible mess he’s been left will be a herculean task. I doubt it will be quick and I doubt it will be without some serious missteps. (Hoover’s protectionist trade policies just prolonged the depression).

And so, I congratulate you President Obama. I look forward to the next few months to see you actually at work. We all have our hopes pinned on you. The times are too dangerous for you to fail. But like any president, I’m expecting you to do some things I really don’t like and a few things that strike me as downright stupid.

No one gets a free pass. Not even the guy I campaigned for. I just hope the nutjobs on the extreme right are kept as far away from you as possible by the Secret Service.

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Obama Still Sneaking Smokes

Posted by Bill Nance on January 10, 2009

From 23/6:

Bringing hope and change is stressful stuff, and if courting emphysema helps President Obama fix the economy and tame Pakistan, then he should light up. In fact, we believe the Surgeon General should designate a special warning just for Obama.

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Budget cuts.

Posted by Bill Nance on November 25, 2008


WASHINGTON – President-elect Barack Obama named Peter Orszag as his budget director on Tuesday and said his job will be to conduct a thorough review of federal spending programs, “eliminating those programs we don’t need and insisting that those we do need operate in a cost-effective way.”

With the economy in crisis, Obama said, “Budget reform is not an option. It’s a necessity.”

The GOP has been spreading the lie since the days of Reagan that they are the party of fiscal responsibility, even though every time a Republican has been president since the days of Nixon, government spending has sky-rocketed. Funny how some people cling to myths in the face of all facts.

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American Sissyfication Watch: We eat meat.

Posted by Bill Nance on November 21, 2008

If you’ve been watching TV over the last 24 hours or reading the blogosphere, you can’t have missed the latest Sarah Palin bashing shown on MSNBC.

What’s the terrible crime today? Being filmed in front of turkey slaughtering.

As much as I’m in favor of anything showing Sarah “secessionist” Palin in a bad light, I would request that such attempts actually have some substance behind them. And this most certainly does not.

I really wish urbanites and other people who think meat comes from a package would be forced to tour a slaughterhouse at least once in their lives. The killing of animals to harvest flesh, something we as predator/scavenger animals are built to eat, is a bloody business. But then again so is childbirth. Given my druthers, I’d much rather watch someone slaughtering a pig than watch afterbirth slipping from the womb onto the floor or into a sanitized medical dish.

Both are kinda gross if you’re not used to it, and both are equally natural and necessary.

It’s indicative of the Sissyfication of this country that the mere sight of blood (and turkey slaughter is pretty tame compared to most meat processing) calls for blurring of an image. And it’s hypocritical in the extreme when the same network runs “Saving Private Ryan” uncut. I guess seeing vivid and horrifying bloody battle scenes is less horrible than seeing the animals 90% of us eat every year being prepared for our tables.

Color me disgusted. And not with Sarah Palin -for once.

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