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We Don’t Let Blind People Drive….

Posted by Bill Nance on February 11, 2010

So why in God’s name do we let anti-gun, hoplophobic people who know nothing about firearms or firearm safety try to mandate safety practices they don’t even understand?

The latest genius effort?   … wait for it…. Childproof guns.

Yep, This is a new meme coming from among other places, the Million Mom March (aka ignorant women with no common sense).  According to these mechanical engineers,firearms experts, idiots, guns can be made as safe as a teddy bear. Sure, hand your kid that 1911 that shoots a 230-grain projectile at 865 fps. It’s ok, because the MMM has passed laws that made guns safe as a teddy bear!

Think I’m joking?

Childproof Handguns make good sense!
Many products are regulated to make them safe to be used around children:

  • Medicine bottles have childproof caps;
  • Toys for young children are made with parts that cannot be swallowed; and
  • Teddy bears and dolls must be made of non-toxic, non-flammable materials

And how, pray tell, does one make a gun safe for 4-year-old johnny to cuddle up with all by his lonesome? According to the Brady Campaign (who sponsors MMM):  Loaded Chamber Indicators.

I kid you not. these idiots insist on trying to mandate a loaded chamber indicator as a child-safety device on firearms.

To those of you who don’t know what a loaded chamber indicator is, it’s a tab, or colored piece of plastic that is supposed to show when the chamber of a semi-auto racking handgun has a cartridge in it. The idea is that rather than checking to see if the gun is actually loaded, you can use the little tab (which is nearly invisible in most cases) to see if you’ve got one in the pipe. Yes, that’s right. Don’t actually CHECK, use the mechanical device (which can FAIL) to save yourself that extra 1 second which it takes to just look for yourself.

Basic safe gun handling indicates that you keep the gun unloaded until ready to fire. That mean’s you’ve removed the magazine, racked the slide to eject any loaded cartridges and re-checked the chamber just to be sure.  IN THAT ORDER. This is the only method of which I’m aware to be SURE a semi-auto handgun is actually unloaded. If there’s another way to be SURE, I don’t know it and I’m a NRA and State Police certified firearms safety instructor.*

So a loaded chamber indicator would do exactly what to keep kids safe from guns?  That’s right, nothing. In fact, a good bit LESS than nothing. In fact, an LCI is an open invitation to use unsafe gun handling techniques which will, absolutely and without question, lead eventually to a tragedy. You can be certain as the sun rising in the east that some jackass will use this to indicate whether or not his gun is unloaded, that it will fail and he will shoot someone. I’d be amazed if this hasn’t already happened.

Of what utility is the device? None. Zero. Nada.

If you want to check for a loaded chamber on a semi-auto handgun, you rack the slide and LOOK. You do NOT trust to a mechanical device (which can fail) to tell you something that 2 seconds and your own eyes can tell you without any possible error.  Why would you use a loaded chamber indicator? I can only think of one possible use for them and it’s a practice you’re a fool to follow:  That is, before you holster your defensive sidearm that you use the device to see if you’re fully loaded.

If you carry a semi-auto and keep a round in the chamber, that means you practice defensive tactics with this in mind. You draw, release the safety if there is one, aim and fire.What happens if the loaded chamber indicator is stuck or otherwise malfunctioning and in fact there is nothing in the chamber?

You get to hear the loudest noise in the world: a click instead of a bang. In a defensive situation that is likely to mean the difference between life and death. Are you SURE you want to bet your life on the LCI?  -Me neither.

So here we have the Million stupid person Mom March and the Brady Bunch calling for a device which actually increases the danger associated with handguns and claiming it’s going to make guns childproof.-Like a TEDDY BEAR.

I have news for the MMM and the Brady bunch: There is no such thing as a child-proof gun.

There are only GUN-SAFE Children.

That is, kids trained in basic gun safety, which starts with STOP, DON’T TOUCH, GET A GROWNUP.   You’d think educating kids about gun safety would be something these well-meaning authoritarians do-gooders would love wouldn’t you? But oh no, the antis don’t want the NRA’s award-winning educational program “Eddie Eagle” in schools to teach safety.  Oh noes, not the NRA! (shudder horror) No, they’d rather legislate new “features” which make our kids and everyone else demonstrably LESS safe than they were before.

This is how we got an “Assault Weapons” ban that banned vast numbers of firearms for nothing other than the way they looked. This is how we made felons of anyone from New Hampshire that  that makes the mistake of bringing his perfectly legal 13-round magazine into Mass. when he comes here for a shooting competition.

Only this nonsense is infinitely worse. It actually increases the danger of the firearms that the hoplophobes are so frightened of in the first place.

So I propose a new rule:

No one gets to talk about gun safety, gun handling or gun laws until they can pass a basic firearms knowledge and safety test. The test, which is part of the NRA’s basic home firearms safety course is trivial. Any eight year-old could pass it with thirty minutes instruction. Of course this means that it’s well beyond the comprehension of the average Brady Bunch member.

Gun Safety Training: Because you can’t legislate away ignorance or stupidity.

*Disclaimer: I am not in any way speaking for the NRA. I am speaking strictly as a private person. the opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.


5 Responses to “We Don’t Let Blind People Drive….”

  1. wadaduga said

    “I have news for the MMM and the Brady bunch: There is no such thing as a child-proof gun.”

    D.B. Wesson (founder, Smith & Wesson) would disagree, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he knew a thing or two about guns.

    • Bill Nance said

      I really hope all my readers who AREN’T ignorant about firearms reads that link. I laughed so hard I spit my drink out.

      GRIP SAFETIES are childproofing guns? R U F***ing kidding me?

      Electronic sensors? Did you even read your own link? I would taunt you some more, but I have a wife to get back to.

  2. wadaduga said

    You didn’t mention this part:

    “No epidemiologic or biomechanical data exist on the effectiveness of the New Departure grip safety in preventing young children from operating a handgun, but Smith & Wesson felt strongly about its effectiveness. The catalog description of the New Departure for many years included the following claim: “One very important feature of this arrangement is the safety of the arm in the hands of children, as no ordinary child under eight years of age can possibly discharge it.”

    Smith & Wesson doesn’t know anything about guns?

  3. Bill Nance said

    Smith and Wesson hasn’t used grip safeties for about 100 years for anything but their 1911s, guns which are NOT childproof by any remote stretch of the imagination.

    A stronger trigger pull is the other UNSUCCESSFUL idea. Where a 10 pound-trigger is mandated EVERY CCW holder I know has it reduced because it makes the gun inaccurate and hard to fire safely.

    And by the way, it won’t protect a child. Any 5 year-old can pull a 10-pound trigger.

    The article you cite quotes an apocryphal story.
    “Legend has it that D.B. Wesson (one of the founders of the gun manufacturing corporation) developed the Safety Hammerless model in a night-long session after hearing that a child had accidentally been hurt by cocking and pulling the trigger on one of the Smith & Wesson Double Action Revolvers.”

    And finally, the actual incidences of children under 8 (the authors target) killing themselves with firearms is TINY. It’s FAR less than the number of kids who die from drowning or household poisons, just to name a couple.

    The anti-gun ignoramuses who DID write your linked article (Not Dan Wesson, who’s been DEAD for 104 years) want to mandate LCIs as a safety measure. A concept that I’ve destroyed in the blog post. That makes them incompetent as far as I’m concerned.

    “The low prevalence of loaded chamber indicators on pistols, their lack of imparting a clear message to the person holding the gun, and their lack of uniformity all likely contribute to deaths that occur when the person later claims, “I didn’t know the gun was loaded.”More meaningful loaded chamber indicators could be designed and their inclusion on guns mandated through regulation.”

    They also call for magazine disconnect devices, which have killed people in the past because a defensive handgun WON’T WORK if for some reason the disconnect fails or the magazine isn’t seated all the way. Again, a “safety feature” most gun owners have removed as soon as they get the gun because they don’t increase safety.

    Bottom line is that you quote an article written by two people that know NOTHING about firearms or firearm safety. No one who knows anything on the subject would have written that tripe.

    You will not be able to find anything where Dan Wesson (who was out of the gun business well before the 20th century -he was born in 1825) said a gun can be “child-proof.”

    Guns are not childproof. Nothing that’s remotely technically feasible will MAKE them childproof. This isn’t about child safety. It has never been. It’s about banning guns because people are afraid of them. That’s always been the reasoning behind these initiatives.

    Gun accidents involving children are a result EVERY TIME of failure of an adult to responsibly train their kids and properly secure their firearms.

    The accident rate has been plummeting since 1930, the highest accident year on record. More kids are killed by common household cleaners, car accidents and drowning than with firearms, but I don’t see anyone going hysterical to make cars “childproof,” for their 5 year-olds to drive.

    I’m not going to respond again because you don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s a waste of my time to try to educate a person who is willfully ignorant. You never answered a single point in the post and aren’t qualified to do so, based on what I’ve seen here.

    Get yourself some education. Then you’ll be qualified to have an opinion on a fairly technical subject.

  4. I really enjoy to write posts, although till now nobody reads it I do it primary for myself, I think, it is so relaxing I hope my school english is somehow comprehensible .

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