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Legaly Correct, Tactically Stupid

Posted by Bill Nance on August 28, 2009

The left-wing blogosphere is going apeshit over people showing up to Obama appearances open-carrying guns of various shapes and sizes. What’s behind the hysteria? In a word: fear.

Fear of guns and fear of people who have them and far more, fear of people who carry them.

I won’t go into the hysteria of the gun-grabbers. It’s all been said before. Instead I want to talk about the wisdom of those people choosing a political meeting about healthcare as a place for an in-your-face demonstration for RKBA.

It’s stupid folks. It’s incredibly bad tactics. It scares the bejeebers out of moderates who would normally be on our side and convinces absolutely no one who wasn’t already passionate about the issue. Worse yet, it’s another thing to throw out to moderate voters, the people who decide elections, to show that those gun people are just dangerous nutcases waiting to go postal.

Case in point:

Dumbshittery in action

Dumbshittery in action

This genius shows up to an Obama meeting on healthcare with a sign that quite directly calls for the shedding of the blood of patriots and tyrants; as in, you know, Obama. There is no other way to take this kind of statement. By itself it’s an obnoxious sign. I mean seriously, you’re going to have an armed revolt over healthcare reform? pulease. Grow the Hell up. But when you add the sidearm now it’s not just stupid, it hurts me. Because now the message stops being whatever the original point was and starts being about how dangerous people who own guns are.

Now, does Mister Dumbshit have the right to open carry? Of course. He even has the right to open carry to a political meeting. But it’s stupid to do so and even more stupid to do so carrying that sign.

Let’s face it folks, I’d put the odds of Obama going through a full term without a credible assasination attempt at slim and none. And that’s without any of the hyperbole on the right. Even if the guy was a conservative, his skin color alone makes a sadly large number of people in this country think: “Holy crap, there’s a nigger in the whitehouse.”  We can pretend all day long that isn’t true, but it is. And when that happens, succesful or not, clowns like this are going to get all of us blamed. It will be all about the gun, not the racist jerk that took the shot. And the grabbers will point to pictures like this and say “See? didn’t we tell you these people are dangerous?” Of course they’d do that anyway. But everytime they say it now, they’ll show this picture and scream “I told you so!”

There is a time and a place for everything. Even stupid signs, and yes, certainly for open carry protests. They happen not infrequently in New Hampshire and generally I’m all for them. People should be made to understand that people with guns aren’t dangerous. The best protests I’ve seen have been protests where open-carry advocates have picked up trash in town. What better face to put out to the community?

But this kind of crap is the polar opposite. Carry a sign calling for armed revolt while openly armed at a presidential meeting about something wholly unrelated to guns and no one gets the RKBA message. They get a message that people with guns are freakin looneys who need to be disarmed.

Every time I hear about stuff like this I shake my head. Who needs the Brady Bunch when we have fools like this on “our side?”


9 Responses to “Legaly Correct, Tactically Stupid”

  1. Kurt said

    I quite agree. Fear isn’t going to accomplish anything, it certainly won’t help moderates – who decide these things – in the overall discussion.

  2. jonolan said

    On the other hand, striking fear into the hearts of the enemy has a certain usefulness. It will quell some and goad others into rash and ill-thought action / reaction. If that ill-thought reaction is by Blacks, all the better, since it defuses the effectiveness of a lot of the race-baiting that’s been going on and that has been fueled by the Liberals.

    Sometimes it’s not just about RKBA. There are others issues in play as well.

  3. Kurt said

    The enemy? Aren’t we all Americans?

    • jonolan said

      Please define what, in your opinion, it means to be American? Is it merely an accident of birth / the God(s)’ grace, or is their a belief structure required as well? Can you be an American if you despise all or most of what the nation has always stood for and despise its culture?

  4. Bill Nance said

    “striking fear into the hearts of the enemy has a certain usefulness. It will quell some and goad others into rash and ill-thought action / reaction”

    You Do realize that’s a tactic right out of the Baider Meinhoff playbook right? Are you suggesting we’re in a position as gun owners that we need to provoke over-reaction so that we make a political point to the majority so they will stage an armed revolt? I have news for you. the majority doesn’t give a rat’s ass about RKBA.

    Provoking action based on crap like that fool in New Hampshire pulled (FWIW I am virtually certain I know the guy from a gun board here) won’t win us any friends.

    You’re falling into the trap that’s snared far too many RKBA advocates over the last couple of decades: That is, making RKBA a partisan political issue. RKBA is something that’s on the losing side of every growing demographic in the country. Thems the facts. There isn’t anything you can do about that except to grow the RKBA base. And you don’t do that with stupid stunts like this. We need to be reaching out, not pulling in. you may feel better thumping your chest and talking about “the enemy” but bottom line is that there’s more of them than there are of us by a very wide margin, even among Republicans.

    Forget healthcare forget whatever else you don’t like about the current administration and keep your eyes on the prize. If you want to do partisan politics fine, but leave RKBA out of it. We need to be reaching out to people who’ve never held a firearm, never shot a gun, didn’t grow up with them around the house. If we don’t, we’re sunk. 2A or no 2A, numbers don’t lie. And if we don’t get those numbers back in our corner we’ll lose this fight.And a million pissed off gun owners burying their guns in the backyard won’t make a difference when SWAT comes knocking at the door. Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey.

    • jonolan said

      Yes I do realize the tactic is straight out Meinhoff ‘s playbook; it also straight out of Alinski’s playbook. I wasn’t thinking of armed revolt though. I was thinking of goading the enemy into taking actions that would be seen as “over the top” and unsympathetic.

      • Bill Nance said

        If the cops had arrested this guy precious few people other than RKBA advocates would have shed a tear or said a word in his defense.

        I think you’re under the false impression that there is some vast majority of pro-gun people out there just waiting to be ignited. There aren’t. We are a comparatively small minority. Even most gun owners wouldn’t consider carrying concealed, much less open carry.

        If you think currying favor with the 25% or so Americans that already hate Obama and support RKBA is some sort of winning political tactic you’re crazy. There aren’t going to be wholesale confiscations, which is about the only “over-the-top” thing I can think of that would get average Americans worked up. Even another AWB isn’t going to happen unless someone takes a successful shot at Obama, and then it will go through with broad support. Again, reaching inward to an ever-shrinking demographic is a loser politically.

      • jonolan said


        I wasn’t even thinking in RKBA terms at all. I was thinking in more generalized terms.

        If the enemy can be goaded into physical violence against various protesters, we can pretty much destroy their support base. If such violence is done by Blacks or Union Thugs – the best would be a combination – we can pretty paint the Liberals as having caused the violence through their race-baiting. At that point the 2010 and 2012 elections would be looking a lot better for Americans.

        RKBA would benefit from that, but was intrinsic to it other than as the legal means by which to scare the enemy into foolishness.

  5. The open carry of holstered handguns is legal in most states without any permits, and is growing in practice and acceptance. So much so that some people are unfortunately using open carry as expressive conduct to oppose or support non-gun rights causes in overly dramatic ways – this sort of conduct is not helpful for gun rights.

    Learn more at, a national force with over 21,000 members seeking to support and normalize peaceful open carry of hosltered handguns for self-defense purposes.

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