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You Might Be Gun-Nuts If…

Posted by Bill Nance on June 22, 2009

  1. If your Valentine’s Day present to your wife is a Sig Sauer P220 and you get serious lovin’ for the gift… You might be gun-nuts
  2. If your birthday present from your wife is a Cowboy Assault Rifle (level action rifle)… You might be gun-nuts
  3. If your idea of a good father’s Day Present for your wife’s Dad is a box of hand-made 45 Long-Colt Cowboy Action Shooting loads… You might be gun nuts
  4. If you go to the in-laws’ for dinner and bring your new shotgun to show off… You might be gun-nuts
  5. If your “date-night” consists of a candlelit dinner where you and your wife discuss the best grain-weights for the .45 ACP… You might be gun-nuts
  6. If you and your wife remark to friends that shooting is: “The most fun you can have with your clothes on…” You might be gun-nuts
  7. If you look at the 12 firearms in your safe and think to yourself:  “That’s a good start…” You might be gun-nuts

-That is all


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