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Sad Puppies

Posted by Bill Nance on May 31, 2009

Our two dogs were boarded last weekend so we could go to Vermont to attend the college graduation of my wife’s baby sister.

At any rate, this morning we started hearing the tell=tale signs of the infamous Kennel Cough (Tracheobronchitis).

Of course both dogs will get it because it’s infectious as Hell. which means two, very sick, very miserable quarantined dogs for the next couple of weeks.  Both the boys are healthy so chances are they’ll be just fine, though the youngest one, Pippin, has it pretty bad this time and is just miserable, off his food and very clinging.

The vet/boarding facility is top notch, but I’m seriously thinking I’ll pay someone to come dog sit for a few days the next time. Heck, at the price it’s quite the nice weekend gig for someone.

All hail the sick pooch:


One Response to “Sad Puppies”

  1. Cat said

    Aw Pippin! I miss the boys almost as much as I miss you, Dad.

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