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An Open Letter To The NRA

Posted by Bill Nance on May 19, 2009

Dear sir or Madam:

I’m writing to ask you to please STOP associating the NRA with right-wing politics in general and the GOP specifically.

Our human right to self-defense is not a liberal or a conservative issue. And certainly not a partisan political one.

Like it or not, we live in an era where the demographics all align against gun-rights. We face a giant wall with young people who will be alienated from the GOP probably for the rest of their lives, where so-called “conservatives” have been discredited with most Americans for at least the next decade and where urbanization of the population all work against our interests.

As a group we need to stop making gun-rights a partisan political issue and make it a human-rights issue. Bashing Obama with stupid lines like “The Blame America Beat Goes On” as Chris Cox’ recent article in American Hunter is entitled, won’t convince anyone we are right who wasn’t already on our side. It’s a complete waste of time. We don’t need to solidify NRA members’ support for our rights, we need to reach out to other people. Folks who don’t know the facts. And to do that we need to separate ourselves from any particular ideology.

The facts, our proud traditions and our fundamental right to self-defense and the means to that defense speak for themselves. We need to be stressing those things, not giving the Democrats ammunition with which to kill us by making our human rights subject to partisan political fights.

It’s extraordinarily bad strategy on the part of the NRA, which does so much good in this country, to continue to align themselves with a political agenda that has nothing to do with guns.

On behalf of myself, my wife, (also an NRA member) and our “Evil Black Rifles,” our three high-capacity handguns and our NRA certified instructor credentials, we beg you to see reason on this.  It’s not about all the other stuff. It’s about our fundamental human rights, which the constitution only happens to codify, rather than grant.

We need to reach out, not inward.


Bill Nance


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