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Stupid Idea Watch -Gun Registration

Posted by Bill Nance on April 10, 2009

Recently Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated that she wants guns to be “registered.”

This is typical of the complete stupidity of the gun-grabbing agenda. It’s not stupid because Bill doesn’t agree with it, it’s stupid because it serves no possible purpose whatsoever except to add layers of government spending and be a stumbling block and intentional legal  “gotcha” for lawful gun-owners.

Under most registration schemes (And I live in a state where there is one in place) New firearms purchases must be registered with a government agency. The registration generally include the model and the serial number of the gun and the name and address of the seller and buyer -oh, and lets not forget a tax in most places.

Now here’s the question: How would this ever prevent a crime from occurring?

  1. If the owner of the firearm purchased it legally and kills someone with it, registration won’t prevent that. As for tracing the gun, that’s easily done through existing ATF records, since all firearms transactions are already recorded by that agency.
  2. If a criminal obtains a gun, well, obviously they won’t register it. -Duh
  3. The vast majority of guns used in crimes are stolen. the only way to fix that would be a wholesale confiscation of all firearms, something that would both start a revolution in this country and would violate existing supreme court rulings.  -And criminals would still get guns, they’d just be a bit more expensive due to temporary scarcity. Registration wil not help that situation.

However… there IS one reason to have mandatory gun registration -If you’re a gun grabber.  If they are all registered then it’s easy enough to ban certain types of guns that gun-phobes think look scary and confiscate those under the canard of “reasonable restrictions.”

So the next time you hear someone talking about registration of firearms, remind yourself that this doesn’t prevent crime in any way, shape or form. It would add yet another layer of government bureaucracy and expense in keeping up with the additional paperwork and would be used as a tool to selectively prosecute lawful gun owners who simply don’t like being required to register their private property with the government.

Before you go along with this “reasonable” plan to accomplish nothing, cost a lot of money  and add yet more ridiculous laws to the books, ask yourself and your legislator why they’re even talking about it. Two wars, an economic crisis, an already bitterly divided polity and the Democrats want to waste time on this foolishness?

-Gimme a break


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