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New Shooter Range Report!

Posted by Bill Nance on April 6, 2009

Yesterday my lovely bride and I had the privelege of introducing a new shooter to the joys of the shooting sports.

The Victim was Jason, a co-worker of my bride, who arrived eager and ready.  Jason had shot a few times, but from what we heard his shooting experience consisted of someone tossing him a shotgun and telling him to have a go at some clays with not much in the way of instruction.

As I said, Jason arrived eager for the day, but I think he was at first a little disappointed that we didn’t just take him directly to the firing line, but instead grabbed a quiet spot at the Harvard SC indoor shooting range, set out all the guns we had brought and proceeded with a safety and function briefing.

But Jason was a good sport about it all, and about halfway through you could see a lightbulb go ping over his head when he realized it was OK to have questions and that being a man didn’t make him genetically familiar with firearms.  When we started talking about foot-pounds of energy and the redundancy concepts of the basic gun safety rules, his engineering/geek side got very interested very quickly in the information aspect, asking many questions and eager to learn.  Soon enough we were ready to head to the firing line for the day’s fun.

We have a decent assortment of firearms, but the one thing we’re lacking is a good .22 pistol. Fortunately we have friends and were able to borrow this beauty from our friend Jay G. Jay was kind enough to let us borrow one of his real gems for the day, and trust me, while that’s not uncommon in terms of the kindness of gunnies, Jay is generous to a fault about this sort of thing.

Smith and Wesson Model 17 .22 caliber revolver

Smith and Wesson Model 17 .22 caliber revolver

I think Jason was surprised at the .22, knowing we had plenty of larger firepower available and having expressed an interest in such, but we insisted he start out with that and it turned out to be a real hit. Jason found to his delight, (as has anyone else who’s shot Jay’s gun) that a good .22 can be amazingly satisfying as it’s dead-accurate, easy to shoot for a pistol and has a knack for letting even new shooters put all the bullets in a nice small group.

From the Smith we went to our Ruger Security-Six, starting out with .38 specials and moving up to .357 magnum.

The victim (Jason with the Ruger Security-Six glances up after shotting the last round in the cylinder

The victim (Jason) with the Ruger Security-Six glances up after firing the last round in the cylinder

I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed that as well.

Finally we moved up to the 9mm Berretta 92fs, and even the two .45 ACPs we brought, the Sig Sauer P220 and the Smith and Wesson 4506.

Jason loading the 4506...If you look closely hes grinning!

Jason loading the 4506...If you look closely he's grinning!

The pistols took quite a while, which was fine, but our available time was running out and Jason wanted to try our rifles.  So we moved down the range to the rifle area and let him have a go at the Sig Sauer 556 in 5.56x45mm.   One of the beauties of this rifle is the Bushnell Holosight, which allows the shooter to keep both eyes very comfortably open and see an illuminated red dot in a circle over the target.  It makes the gun far easier to shoot accurately than traditional iron sights or even a traditional optical scope.

Jason with the SIG 556

Jason with the SIG 556

One thing about being a member of an active and friendly gun club is that the wonderful members thereof are happy (indeed often eager) to let you try their guns.  When Rob, another member of the club saw we had a new shooter, he brought over his AR-15, a SAIGA-12 shotgun and yes, his .44 magnum Desert Eagle and let Jason have a go at all of them.

Jason loading the SAIGA

Jason with Robs AR-15  -Nope, no fun at all!

Jason with Rob's AR-15 -Nope, no fun at all!

The rifles were a big hit. As he was shooting, reloading and we were generally chatting on the subjects of guns, we began to share some information about Sarah Brady of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, whose previously stated goal was the complete banning of all privately owned firearms and who is the most dishonest and deliberately obfuscatory voice among the gun-grabbing lobbyists.  In particular, we shared one little known tidbit, which we passed on:

Every time a new shooter finds out shooting is fun, Sarah Brady kills a kitten.”  And: “Every time Sarah Brady cries an Angel gets it’s wings.”

Jason, having just enjoyed several “evil” guns, noting that crazed lone killers about to go postal at any given moment were distinctly absent and being informed that many people would like to ban all such guns, quickly grasped the gallows humor.

As we packed up the car to head back home, I asked Jason if he’d learned anything that day.

He replied:

“Shooting is FUN!” And quickly added: “And making Sarah Brady cry is fun too!”

Jason said he plans to look into getting his gun license “tommorow morning.” Folks, it looks as though we have a new member of the shooting community.


4 Responses to “New Shooter Range Report!”

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  2. Jay G. said

    Boy, that’s a nice lookin’ Model 17…


    Great job!

  3. Elizabeth said

    JayG: hahaha, I’m glad you like the peekture of it. 😛 One of these days I’ll actually pull out the photo-backdrops and get truly proper photos of everything. But in the mean time, our crappy countertops seem to be doing well.

  4. B Smith said

    ***Happy Dance***

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