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The GOP: Party For Torture

Posted by Bill Nance on January 22, 2009

If you were on the Senate Judiciary Committee a few decades ago, a time during which the United States faced the very real threat of nuclear annhialation, it would never have occurred to you to hold up the confirmation of the top law enforcement official in the country because he said torture was a crime.

Fast forward to yesterday, when we face no remotely comparable threat and that’s exactly what GOP members of that committee have done.

Eric Holder, nominee for Attorney General of the United States had the nerve to say that waterboarding is torture. -Something absolutely no one outside the ranks of the GOP would disagree with. But apparently that means no confirmation for him, at least if the GOP has its way.

Even Senator Lindsey Graham (R- SC), who is trying to be at least somewhat conciliatory said:

“If we’ve committed — if we’ve made mistakes in the past, let’s clean them up. But this idea of criminalizing policy differences would be bad for the country and would create a bad precedent.”

Torture is and has always been against the law in this country. No policy paper written by a White House counsel, like John Yoo, has the authority to unmake those laws or to ignore treaty obligations. To ask the Attorney General not to enforce laws which have been broken is not just a matter of politics, it’s a crime: Obstruction of Justice.

There must be no compromise on this issue. While personally I think the torturers themselves may have some defense in that they believed their orders to torture were lawful, it’s not altogether clear. The Nuremberg trials made quite clear that “just following orders” is no excuse. Every officer in the United States military is taught this.

The GOP stood by and applauded when Torturer in Chief George W. Bush and his accomplices implemented torture as the official policy of the United States. Today they are trying desperately to prevent an open, transparent investigation of these crimes by labeling such investigations “witch hunt.”

Graham has it completely wrong. The implementation of torture on the orders of the Bush administration was not a “policy difference,” it was a crime. To ask the Attorney General to turn a blind eye to this because it would be politically embarassing to the GOP is nothing short of disgusting. -Yet another example of the complete moral corruption of the Republican Party.

Let there be no mistake, no minced words, no euphemisms: Waterboarding is torture.

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One Response to “The GOP: Party For Torture”

  1. pedigree said

    Well, the police arent much better

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