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Bill Richardson Bows Out. Should We Care?

Posted by Bill Nance on January 4, 2009

It looks as this will be the first genuine scandal of the Obama administration, if only a vicarious one.

NM Governor Bill Richardson, Obama’s designate for Secretary of Commerce has bowed out due to an ongoing federal investigation of corruption relating to his administration’s dealings in New Mexico.

But really, do we care?

I’ve never been impressed with Richardson. He’s a Clintonista of the first degree, and like Bill, has a reputation for being all too willing to “go along to get along.” -Often at the expense of actually accomplishing things. In his tenure as Energy Secretary in the Clinton Administration he hardly distinguished himself, contributing at least peripherally to the Wen Ho Lee espionage debacle, and was widely accused of having seriously botched security in the department’s programs.

The left loves him, but I don’t see where he’s actually accomplished anything of significance.

More importantly, Richardson failed to disclose the investigation to the transition team, which seems to me, a sin of the highest order, given Obama’s obvious desire not to have scandal hindering him in the early months of his administration.


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