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Hitchens on Warren: And you thought gays were pissed off!

Posted by Bill Nance on December 24, 2008

Remind me never to arouse the ire of Christopher Hitchens.

Rick Warren has (and he warrants every bit of it). If you thought gay people were writing screeds, you haven’t heard anything yet.

A choice bit:

But if we must have an officiating priest, let it be some dignified old hypocrite with no factional allegiance and not a tree-shaking huckster and publicity seeker who believes that millions of his fellow citizens are hellbound because they do not meet his own low and vulgar standards.

I concur. Since prayer is guaranteed to be an utter waste of time, why on earth are we doing it at the inauguration of our political leaders? And if we are just bound and determined to continue this bronze-age superstition, does it absolutely have to be delivered by someone who adheres to the most disgusting, least educated and most bigoted brand of that superstition available?

You go Hitch!


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