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More puppy pics!

Posted by Bill Nance on December 21, 2008

We have snow dogs. Australian Shepherds, aside fom having webbed feet for swimming (they love to swim) also have several very thick layers of fur designed to keep them warm and dry, along with tufts of fur which cover most of the soles of their feet. The result of this breeding?

Dogs who love snow.


Competitive Frisbee in the snow


Pippin gets it


Nemo gets the Frisbee and won’t give it up til he chews it a bit and rolls it in the snow

These guys stay out for over an hour, and not five minutes after they come in beg to go out again. The deeper it gets, the more they like it.

Now if we could just teach them to shovel the driveway….


One Response to “More puppy pics!”

  1. Errign said

    I have an Aussie too & searching for other blogs with Aussie owners led me to yours. McKinley plays the same way in the snow 🙂

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