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Let’s fuck over the Indians some more

Posted by Bill Nance on December 17, 2008

Campbell Brown, CNN’s latest coverrgirl™ commentator has a new article decrying a recent court decision taking away an infant from adoptive white parents after six months and handing the child over to tribal welfare authorities. The child in question will be put in foster care with his other siblings. His actual bloodlines as I’ve been unable to determine, are unknown. Though the adoptive parents claim the mother was 1/4 Ojibwa, that claim, not to mention the identity of the father, was apparently not enough to satisfy the federal court which ordered the child to be turned over to tribal welfare authorities. Since the adoptive parents obviously have an axe to grind in this case, I think it reasonable that their claims be taken with a grain of salt.

The court case, which was the result of the tribe filing suit against the State of Utah, rested on a federal law which prohibits states from taking custody of Indian children and raising them outside the tribe.

To quote Brown:

If there is concern in the Native American community that children are being lost to the tribe through adoption because of unfit parents, then focus on strengthening your families so that your children won’t be parentless.

Can you imagine Brown saying that about Black people? Mexican people? Neither can I. But as usual, beating up on Indians is just fine and dandy. Anytime they assert their sovereign rights under treaty with the United States Government, it’s all about “responsibility.” As usual, white power elites on the East Coast view treaty obligations to the Indian nations as meaningless and they can be disregarded at will. God forbid, people of color in this country who aren’t recognized sovereign nations by the Government of the United Statesbe taken to task. Oh, noes, we wouldn’t want to do that! But beat up on the Indians? Sure, they don’t have a NAACP to boycott you because they’re too small a minority, even though they have a completely legitimate claim to special rights, a claim more legitimate than any other minority group in this country.

Perhaps the State bureaucrats in every state where there is a significant North American Indian population could just stop the concerted efforts to ignore treaty obligations in the first place and not place Indian children outside the tribe? That’s the real issue here. The State of Utah is the bad guy here, not the Ojibwa. They shouldn’t have allowed the adoption in the first place and they knew it. But Campbell doesn’t go after the incompetent fools in the Utah State government. She reserves her disdain for the Indians. -Film at 11, MSM shits all over Indians…

(note: I say the word “Indian” because I have never met an Indian, and I lived on a reservation for several years, who was  not indoctrinated by University PC police that referred to themselves as “Native American,” which is about the most stupid fucking term imaginable. -At least the Canadian “First Nations” is linguistically accurate. -But I digress).

There is a very long history, a history which is still going on by the way, though the MSM’s coverage of it has been shamefully silent on the subject, of white government taking away children from a sovereign nation, raising them as “white,” and thus continuing a deliberate and systematic effort to undermine the heritage, language and history of the First Peoples of this continent  and eventually, destroy the tribes. There is no other description for the despicable behavior of state governments, with the nodding asssent of the feds that continues to this day. Only the courts and the occasional acts of congress have kept the remaining Indian nations from total destruction.

These are in fact, sovereign nations, recognized as such by the Government of the United States. They have a unique “Nation Within a Nation” status. Something about which Brown, no doubt, hasn’t a fucking clue. Because of this unique status, state governments have no authority over Indian children, nor should they. What would Brown be saying if an American child had been handed over to adoptive parents in Mexico over the objections of child welfare agencies in California? Would she be so fucking outraged when that kid was brought back to California? -Thought not.

The history of the deliberate destruction of the culture and language of the First Peoples is so long, and frankly so recent, I cannot believe anyone has the moxie to just note it as “The law allows them to broadly declare who is Native American.”

Yes, you ignorant twit. Nations have the right to define who their citizens are. Like as in, you know, the United States?

Shame on you Brown, And shame on CNN for not having editors who know something about Indian history and the unique status of federally recognized tribes under the law.

Brown is an ignorant fuckwit. She should learn a little something before she opens her piehole again.

Next time I’ll tell you how I really feel.


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