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Posted by Bill Nance on December 17, 2008

Jay G has a post calling out the Dems for the (I totally agree foolish) move to put Caroline Kennedy into the vacated Senate seat held by Hillary Clinton.

Kennedy, as he points out, has no big political resumé. There are no doubt, better qualified candidates for the slot, I agree.

But then he goes on to call Dems hypocrites because they beat up on Sarah “Secessionist” Palin. whose resumé was also thin.

First of all, being a senator for one year (A special election for the seat will be held in 2010)  is not the same type of job as being elected as Vice President to a 72-year-old cancer survivor in time of war. Jay, if you think these two positions are of remotely equal opportunity to do harm you need to get off the crack pipe.

Second, whatever you may say about Caroline Kennedy, last time I checked, she had not played footsie with a secessionist party. Nor is she an utter ignoramus who believes in witchcraft and wants genesis taught in biology class who couldn’t even name a single newspaper or magazine she read, even when she had plenty of time to readdress the question during the course of an hours long interview. And of course I’m not even going to go into her stupid claim that living in Alaska gave her foreign policy cred. Add to this the “troopergate” scandal and serious questions about the pipeline deal in Alaska and you’ve got plenty to object to in a candidate. All this is purely aside from the fact that Palin was obviously an incurious buffoon, satisfactory only to the Theocrat base of the GOP, people who would never vote for a black man, or people with single-issue votes about guns or abortion. I can absolutely guarantee that if Barack Obama had been named John Smith and been white, the election results would have 1972 look like a close election. As it was he still managed a landslide victory by all modern standards. So it wasn’t just the “liberals” who objected to Palin.

Sarah Palin made Dan Quayle look like Winston Churchill. And that’s why she had and has, so many opponents even within the GOP. She was a sick joke of a candidate, and one which I hope puts the nail in the coffin of the GOP for decades to come. Her selection was the most dangerous and irresponsible act by a candidate for president in history and was a blatant and unrepentant sop to the GOP kook base totally without regard for the welfare of the country.

That people still refuse to admit this is just stupid.

Get over it Jay, having tits, a nice smile and being pro-gun are not qualifications for the second highest office in the land, especially when these are the only desirable qualities in a candidate who is a demonstrated ignoramus on every possible question of national importance.

Comparing the seat of a junior senator to that of the Vice President …Did you hear this on Rush Limbaugh? No one else could be that disingenuous.

For those who have forgotten:


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