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The Rambo Complex

Posted by Bill Nance on December 8, 2008

Yet another post on a gun blog is suggesting that CCW holders in India would have prevented the tragedy in India.

Folks, this is getting silly.

Of course I’m in unqualified support of people’s right to carry weapons wherever they may be. God knows, if there’s one universal right every human being is entitled to, it’s that of self defense. A firearm is, plain and simple, an equalizer. Against a larger, tougher or armed opponent, a firearm gives you a chance when otherwise you’d have no option but to beg for mercy.

But the idea that a bunch of CCW holders would have made anything more than a momentary distraction for the gunmen in Mumbai is stretching all credibility.

First, we know the attackers were extremely well trained. They gave Indian counter-terrorist specialists one Hell of a fight before they went down.

Second, they were extremely well armed, including fully automatic weapons and grenades.

Years back, I was on a competitive defensive pistol tactics team. I went through several hundred rounds of ammunition in training every week. I practiced weak hand, defensive taking cover, kneeling, laying down, one-handed, the works. I was much much better than any police officer I’ve ever competed against, with one exception (another blog post in there somewhere).

If I had been in this situation back then, at my very best, you know what I would have done?


Sure I would have drawn my weapon. Sure, if one of them came up to execute me, I’d shoot his ass. If I had a clear and easy shot, I might have taken it. Then again, I might not take that shot if I thought they were leaving. Carrying a concealed pistol does not make you Rambo. In the situation in Mumbai, civilians pulling out their concealed pistols might, might have dropped one of the terrorists. It also would have without a shadow of a doubt in my mind resulted in a number of them getting blown away in short order. In fact in the crowded train station, one of the places attacked, it might have caused more casualties as the terrorists returned fire, laid down suppressing fire and started tossing more grenades.

This situation would have been a nightmare for the best trained SAS commando or U.S. Navy Seal. John Q. CCW Holder would have been fodder for a burst of 7.62x54r.

Seriously folks, CCWs do a lot to prevent crime. They may give you a chance to save your life or your family’s they might at the very least, give you the chance to take someone with you to Hell if that’s all that’s left to you. (I’d rather bring a body-guard of fallen enemies to Hades than go alone, thank you).

But they do not make you James Bond, or bullet proof. Nor are they always a good idea to use, even when it’s lawful to do so.

Judgement folks. That’s the name of the game. And if you don’t have it, then leave your piece at home.


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