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Attention Wal-Mart shoppers

Posted by Bill Nance on November 28, 2008

This is just disgusting.

The Juice:

A worker was killed in the crush Friday after a throng of shoppers eager for post-Thanksgiving bargains burst through the doors at a suburban Wal-Mart, authorities said.

“He was bum-rushed by 200 people,” co-worker Jimmy Overby, 43, told the Daily News. “They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too. … I literally had to fight people off my back.”

Clearly it was very important to get that discount on the totally unneeded, usually frivolous and probably largely unwanted gifts you were out to buy in celebration of the “Prince of Peace.”   -So important you mindless cattle were willing to kill someone to get it.

Last night I was commenting to my lovely bride about how much I detest the Xmas holidays.

It’s not the Christmas, carols, many of which I love. It’s not the religious aspect, which while I don’t subscribe to the belief is certainly nothing bad or even annoying. It’s not the idea that once a year at least, we should make an attempt to be kind to one another -not a bad sentiment at all.

No, all of these Holiday traditions are just hunkey dorey as far as I’m concerned.

What disgusts me is the way we as a society approach this season: Consume, consume, consume. The holiday season hasn’t seemed to me to be anything but this consumerist gluttony for a very long time.

One of the things I’ve always been grateful for in my religious education and reading has been the sage advice and wisdom to be found in the various holy books, religious apologia and philosophy. Many of these I’ve adopted for my own moral code, and this one in particular seems apropos today:

Number two of the Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony.


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