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Brennan bows out

Posted by Bill Nance on November 26, 2008

For the most part I’ve been staying away from speculation over the Obama team. A particular case in point was the involvement of John Brennan in the Obama transition team.

Brennan has extremely questionable ties to torture, rendition and other practices, including domestic spying (which he denies) and his possible selection had many activists angry. Frankly I’m not well enough informed on exactly who did what on this issue. Some names I’m certainly familiar with (Tenet, Yoo, etc.) but Brennan was not one of them.

Many people worried that his possible selection as a part of the Obama national security team was indicative of backtracking on the torture issue. Given Obama’s vote to give immunity to telecom companies over the domestic spying fiasco, I don’t think the worry was misplaced.

Today the Brennan issue at least, is dead:

Hooray for the blogosphere.


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