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Range report

Posted by Bill Nance on November 20, 2008

Last night my wife and I traveled to a public firing range a few miles north of us so she could try out her birthday present. I had been to the range at our gun club for an hour or so earlier in the day to test fire all three of our guns for function, but my bride had to work late yesterday and the indoor range at our gun club had an event going on so we couldn’t use it.

So off we went to the public range. It was crowded and we had to wait a bit for a free lane, but soon enough we got in and Sweetie got to try out her very own Ruger Security Six.



The Ruger shoots like a dream. I was able to consistently keep a 4-inch group at 25 yards the first time out for a test fire, and my wife was keeping a nice, 6-inch group at 10 yards even at a very busy firing range. (At a large, busy indoor range, there are between 8 and 12 other people all blasting away to either side of you. Unless you’re used to this it can be very hard to shoot your best due to the distraction factor).

This revolver is in wonderful shape. The trigger pull on double-action was very light, and even when fired fairly quickly I was able to shoot passably well in double-action, though I’ve very little revolver experience. Most importantly however, my wife LOVES it. This gun is never getting sold.

The  Springfield 1911 shoots OK. It definitely needs more oil and very likely the slide needs to be smoothed. When I purchased the gun, I thought (as did the person that sold it to me) that this gun was  about 10 years old or so. However when I called Springfield Arms this morning I found out that the date of manufacture is October, 1987. That means the gun sat unfired in a box for 21 years, which explains a lot. I probably certainly underestimated the amount of oil it would need when I took it apart and oiled it the day we got it. Accuracy was decent, but the trigger is stiff, has a very hard pull and tends to be jerky. I also noticed I was over-anticipating the recoil (probably because of the trigger action) so I wasn’t shooting well with it. I intended all along to put a new trigger in it, but that becomes a lot bigger priority now. The other problem was that several times the slide failed to go all the way back and left the trigger at half-cock. Feeding was fine, no stovepipes or anything. I attribute this primarily to needing more lubrication. We’ll see how it goes next time. Overall, I wasn’t pleased with my performance or the failure of the slide to fully cock the trigger on recoil. (Happened about 5 times on a 50-round box of Federal ammo). But nevertheless I was able to keep about a 6-inch group at 10 yards. Now that I know how old this sucker is, I feel a lot better about the performance. I fully anticipate the action to get smoother with some more gun oil and lots of action to the slide.

The Beretta 92FS shoots very well indeed, right out of the box. My wife and I both were able to keep a consistent 4 to 5-inch group at 10 yards the first time we fired it. The Beretta has a somewhat snappy action. It’s light, so the recoil feels a little exaggerated considering the 9mm caliber. (A Browning Hi-Power it ain’t). Still, I like the overall design of the gun, the sight picture is excellent and with practice, my wife and I agreed we will soon learn to shoot very well with it.

Sadly not all went well at the range. We had an incident (unrelated to our guns) which really soured us for the night. More about that in another post.


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