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GUNS Dammit! -Firearms should be a family affair

Posted by Bill Nance on November 19, 2008

Well today was the fateful day. The day the LTCs (License to Carry…which hilariously enough in Massachusets doesn’t ACTUALLY mean license to carry, but merely permission to own a firearm) arrived.

The delightful young lady (She’s a detective, but she is also both young and delightful) at out local police department, who processed our paperwork, was kind enough to call and let us know the LTCs had arrived from Mommy State (Massachusetts sucks, have I mentioned that lately?) My lovely bride ventured forth at 7:30 AM to pick them up. (Pfft! ventured forth…more like charged out the door. The woman has been like a kid waiting for Santa Claus for alomst 6 weeks now, calling me daily to check on the status of the mail).

An hour or so later, having carefully reviewed our permission slips from Mommy State to exercise our rights given us by God and guaranteed by the constitution, we traveled west with our two handsome dogs Nemo (left) and Pippin (right):


to go pick up a previously arranged purchase of a brand new, unfired, pre- 1998 Springfield Arms 1911-A1.


For you people fortunate enough not to live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (count yourselves lucky) you may not realize that this was quite the feat, as these fine weapons are virtually unobtainable for less than obscene sums here. Due to the kindness of one of our fine Law Enforcement Officials, we were able to obtain this pristine, in-the-box, un-fired firearm for a price bordering on guilt-inducing. (Bless you Nick)! We plan on adding a match barrel, new trigger and commander-style hammer to the gun, along with some various soothing, but right out of the box, these babies shoot just fine and the excellent price we paid makes the extra steps of turning this baby into a true safe-queen manageable.

From the Western environs off this festering Hellhole we traversed the pox-ridden, litter-strewn highways and byways of (Massatwoshits as my friend Bear from Washington State calls it) to the the eastern side of the state, to pick up another fine firearm: The well-known Beretta 92FS, An excellent 9mm semi-automatic pistol, with two, yes count-em TWO pre-ban high capacity magazines. -All to be had another exceedingly reasonable price (Thank you Four-Seasons Firearms).


Now many of you might think this extreme. Some of you might think were were perhaps a tad single-minded. But then you folks would be mere firearms dilettantes.

Because we weren’t quite finished yet. First, we had to get the Gun Cabinet which had been awaiting the arrival of our LTCs, But then we had to pick up the very most important item of the day. My lovely bride’s birthday present: The venerable Ruger Security Six.


Well, even we have a limit to all things (mostly our budget) and having made Sarah Brady cry in excess (Wait til she sees what I’m picking up tomorrow, she’ll want to slit her wrists) we decided to call it a day, head back to the ranch and get my lovely bride familiar with our new acquisitions.

We have a couple of rules in the Nance household when it comes to firearms:

1. All (human) members of the household will be able to safely field strip, clean and maintain every weapon in the household.

2. All members will be able to competently and safely handle and shoot every firearm in our possession.

Step one was accomplished this evening:


Yes, my lovely bride was quite pleased with herself to completely disassemble (what’s in the picture is not all that was taken apart) every firearm in our possession, but was able by the end of the evening to put them all back together (with the helpful addition of having no parts left over) with the expertise of a real pro. (I have to be honest folks, she did things with that Security Six I wouldn’t have dreamed of…now you know who has the mechanical talent in the family, and it ain’t me)!

Guys, eat yer friggin heart out. She’s MINE. -Did I mention she wants to take gun-smithing courses?

All in all it was one of the best days we’ve had in years. Once again, we are finally, lawfully armed citizens. Tomorrow promises to be a full day for both of us since my bride has vacation days to use or lose and we have a yet-untested new gunclub with some 12 ranges to break in and large quantities of ammo.

Tonight (or perhaps I should say this morning) Life is good!

-Nuff Said.


3 Responses to “GUNS Dammit! -Firearms should be a family affair”

  1. Jay G. said


    That’s some mighty fine weaponry y’all have there…

    Methinks a get-together might be in order… 😉

  2. Elizabeth said

    A get-together is definitely in order. 🙂

  3. Bill Nance said

    Your place or mine Baby? -Whoops, that didn’t come out right…Oh well, you get the idea.

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