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The “Fairness Doctrine” meme is a conspiracy theory

Posted by Bill Nance on November 10, 2008

From Kevin Drum:

So the Spectator, not exactly known for its deep sources with the Democratic Party, reports that “two members” of the House Democratic caucus claim that Pelosi and Hoyer are going to aggressively pursue reimposition of the Fairness Doctrine. Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, this was reported in May of 2007, and unless I missed some big news, Pelosi and Hoyer failed to make their big push.

I’ve been hearing this nonsense from my conservative friends for some time now. As usual with such things, it seems there is little evidence to support the claim.

Again I call out to my more conservative readers to stop with the hyperbole. The election is over, Obama won. It’s going to be neither a left-wing utopia nor a socialist police-state. Stop trying to sabotage progress based on irrational fears. There will be plenty of things for all of us to oppose coming from the Obama administration. Focus on the stuff that’s real.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan


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