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Hillary Clinton’s private PAC

Posted by Bill Nance on October 28, 2008

I’ve written before that I think Bill and Hillary Clinton got a bad rap in the ’90s, and here in Massachusetts, I voted for Hillary in the Primaries. (A tactical move, not fanatic support).

At the time of the primaries, Joe Biden, always my first pick, had dropped out and I had the option of voting for Hillary, Obama or McCain. Since McCain was in no danger here, I voted for Hillary because at the time I deemed Obama had both lack of experience and was unelectable due to his race. Of the three, McCain at the time would have had my vote in the general election.

As we all know, Hillary lost the primary. I thought at the time that she would have made a fine choice as President.

These days I’m not so sure.

My change of heart has nothing to do with Obama. It is true he has, I think, won both the electability and the judgement argument, so the main points things against him are resolved as far as I’m concerned. But my second thoughts have less to do with this than with Hillary’s activities since the Democratic convention.

Conservative Democrats, women and center-right independents are key electoral demographics in a presidential campaign. Clinton won many states in the primaries specifically because she appealed to these groups. Obama’s weakness among these demographics probably could have cost him this election if the economy hadn’t melted down. Hillary’s support, including campaigning for Obama would have given him enormous credibility as well as pushing leaners firmly into the Obama camp.

But she’s remained virtually silent on the Obama campaign since the convention.

But she hasn’t been silent about her own private little PAC, called HILLPAC.

To have a PAC named after you is egotistical in the extreme. Only Hillary would have the moxie to do this. And no one but a blind person could fail to see the fact. I’ve been getting emails from this organization, all signed by Hillary, since about three days after the convention, asking for money to elect other Democrats, all women, to the U.S. Senate and Congress. Not a word from her on the Obama candidacy.

Let me say that again in case you missed it: NOT A WORD ON THE OBAMA CANDIDACY.

No one expected the Clintons, after a rather brutal primary, to sit down and sing “kumbaya” with Obama. But I did expect Hillary to get out there and campaign for him. It was hugely important and she knew it, as did everyone else. She hasn’t. She’s spent plenty of time electioneering, but not for Obama. –Until this week.

Now, when the election is nearly upon us, when the polls are showing Obama likely to win a huge victory, NOW she starts making campaign stops.

There is only one explanation for this: She was hoping he would lose so she could run again in 2012. Now that it looks like he’s going to win, Hillary is covering her bets.

So no, Hillary, I won’t be donating to your PAC (not that I’d contribute money to the Democrats so they can have a veto-proof, filibuster-proof majority anyway) nor will I ever, ever consider you a serious candidate for office again.

This stuff is so transperantly cynical and self-centered that it is a virtual disqualifier for holding high office. I hope New Yorkers send you packing the next election.


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