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A conservative reaction to Sarah Palin

Posted by Bill Nance on October 20, 2008

This line is too funny (and sad) not to re-post

Chris Buckley on Sarah Palin:

“I will readily confess that I was one of many who swooned the day after the announcement. But it’s kind of like dating a supermodel; there comes a moment, unfortunately, where they start talking.”

You can read the rest of John Heilemann’s excellent article on the future of the GOP and movement conservatism here.


2 Responses to “A conservative reaction to Sarah Palin”

  1. pedigree said

    As much as I think Russel Brand is as funny as a kick in the head, he had a good point yesterday when talking about Levi Johnson [Soon to be the father of Sarah Palins grand child] in saying

    “Thats the ultimate birth control warning, use a condom or become a Republican”

  2. Bill Nance said

    That’s the real problem. Being a Republican isn’t a bad thing.They’ve frequently been right.

    What’s become of the GOP these days is nothing less than a move to Fascism. This party needs to be burned to the ground. I’d love to see a conservative opposition with actual ideas and principles again. The Dems, unopposed by a principled opposition will be awful. But the current GOP is intellectually and morally bankrupt; and far worse than even a Pelosi/Reid Democrat brand. …And that’s saying a lot.

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