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Debate reaction

Posted by Bill Nance on October 3, 2008

Short answer? Gimme a break. One candidate was serious and well informed, one managed not to make a complete idiot of themselves (or answer many of the actual questions asked) . You guess who who was which.

Palin didn’t stumble over herself completely. According to the Kool-Aid drinkers, that’s a great victory.

I read one blog which immediately claimed polls on the debate must be “biased” because after all, who could have watched that debate and not seen clearly how she won hands down?

The best line about the debate from the Republican side though explains a great deal about Palin’s continued popularity. From VodkaPundit:

8:17PM Hair down, hair up, Palin still has that Naughty Librarian thing going on. To be more specific, it looks like she’s wearing a nice little Ann Taylor number you’d really like to see rumpled on the floor.

Three words: In Vino Veritas

The top search engine hit for this blog remains “Sarah Palin Boobs.” That should explain a lot.

-Nuff said


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