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When you have to cram a test, you’re not ready

Posted by Bill Nance on October 1, 2008

Remember when you were in college and you hadn’t really paid much attention in class, had done the bare minimum of studying and had to cram to get a C on the final? You may have passed the course. If you had grade inflation working in your favor, maybe you even got a B. But you would never in your wildest dreams claim afterwards you really grasped the content of the class.

Apparently Sarah Palin is hoping to make America think she’s something other than horribly ignorant on every possible national and international issue by cramming for the test preparing for the debate.

from the NY Times:

Ms. Palin has traveled with a briefing team since Sept. 10. Two people close to the campaign, addressing her difficulties, said she had been stuffed with facts as if preparing for an oral exam and had become nervous and unnatural in the few interviews.

Advisers said she was a diligent worker and was frequently up until the small hours of the morning in her hotel room trying to cram as much information as possible before the debate.

If you have to cram for the test, you don’t actually have a grasp on the content. And Sarah Palin doesn’t have a clue about anything of national significance.

To quote CNN’s Cafferty: “She’s a friggin joke.”


One Response to “When you have to cram a test, you’re not ready”

  1. […] His pick of Sarah Palin, the buffoon from Wasilla, with major ties to a secessionist movement, not a shred of understanding of ANY issue of national importance and a religious fanatic to boot, was frankly the most horrendously cynical and irresponsible move […]

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