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Is McCain senile?

Posted by Bill Nance on September 18, 2008

I’m seriously beginning to wonder.

In an interview yesterday, McCain, when asked if he’d be willing to meet with Spain’s president, he didn’t seem to know who he was, nor if Spain was “A supporter of human rights and Democracy” or “a friend.”

I’m not joking and it wasn’t a momentary gaffe. The interviewer pressed him several times on the issue, explained that she was referring to the President of SPAIN, and STILL McCain wouldn’t say if he’d meet with the President of a NATO MEMBER STATE.

This is the guy who’s claiming foreign policy expertise and judgment? Judas Priest, this would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary.

Listen for yourself. The good part starts around 2:30 into the interview.


3 Responses to “Is McCain senile?”

  1. XYZ said

    Spain Does not have a President. It has a PM and a King.

  2. pedigree said

    Mostly right, as a consititutional monarchy, the Prime Minister has the offical title of The President of the Government

  3. Bill Nance said

    Actually XYZ, you are dead wrong.

    Not only does the Spanish Constitution call him President, but all Spaniards call him president.
    PM is the title foreigners sometimes incorrectly use for him because he is head of a constitutional Monarchy.

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