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McCain and the U.S. Naval Academy

Posted by Bill Nance on September 17, 2008

A thought just occurred to me, as such things will do from time to time: Maybe John McCain joined the wrong branch of the service.

What gave rise to this thought was remembering the honor code of Annapolis, which is somewhat vague, though certainly honorable. (I have nothing but respect for the Middies and those that teach them, so don’t take this as a hit on them.)

But perhaps if John McCain had gone to West Point instead he’d have a clearer vision of right and wrong in this campaign; because the West Point honor code is unambiguous:

“We do not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do”

Apparently that simple moral code is too rigid for John McCain, whose entire campaign thus far has been nothing but lies.


4 Responses to “McCain and the U.S. Naval Academy”

  1. USNA Ancient said

    Well said … in part … but don’t, please don’t, call us [even us old farts] “Middies” which is a term used by Mothers, girl friends, and ignorant sportscasters. “Midshipman”, “Mids” … OK … NEVER, EVER “MIDDIES” … (;o}

  2. USNA Ancient said

    However, I wouldn’t even wish him on Woo Poo !

  3. Bill Nance said

    I stand corrected.
    I can’t remember where I heard the term…I think it was probably from a hero of mine, Robert Heinlein, an Annapolis Grad (Class of 1929). Anyway, I promise to never EVER use the term again:)

  4. USNA Ancient said

    I, too, an a lover of Robert Heinlein and passed it on to my oldest son … in fact, although I don’t generally collect “Lucky Bag”s other than from my years or those of special friends, I did just buy one from ’29.

    Although I was roughly a contemporary of John’s [I did not know him, only of him] and respect certain aspects of the man, I do believe he has “sold his soul to the devil” in order to win the nomination and in his mind the Presidency. I suppose I am an Alumni anomaly [although certainly not alone, most likely a minority] … I have supported Barack Obama virtually from the beginning in that, not only is he right for this time, but provides the most hope for the future.

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