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McCain on the economy: is he joking?

Posted by Bill Nance on September 16, 2008

As Wall Street took a 500 point plunge yesterday, McCain said the following:

“You know, there’s been tremendous turmoil in our financial markets and Wall Street, and it is, people are frightened by these events. Our economy, I think, still, the fundamentals of our economy are strong, but these are very, very difficult times.”

Well I certainly feel better now. I guess that means that retirement funds which were heavily invested in Lehman Brothers and AIG are fundamentally strong too?

How can people possibly take this guy seriously?

The Republicans over the last eight years, with majorities in both houses of Congress, have spent money like a drunken sailor, relaxed rules on financial markets, appointed incompetents and cronies into major positions of power and at the same time reduced taxes on the wealthiest people in America at the expense of the middle class.

And now they’re asking for our votes to do more of the same?

Obama had it right: They must think we’re stupid.


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