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Has Sarah Palin caused Americans to lose their minds?

Posted by Bill Nance on September 15, 2008

Much has been made over the “conservative” press’ utter lack of intellectual honesty over Sarah Palin and the McCain Campaign’s disgusting tactics, and rightly so.

A few brave souls have been willing to write the truth, which is that Palin is utterly unqualified to hold the second highest position in the land, particularly as VP to a 72-year-old cancer survivor. But overall, the right-wing press have revealed themselves (again) to be purely partisan hacks.

As I wrote a couple of days after she was chosen, Sarah Palin makes Dan Quayle look like Dwight D. Eisenhower. Add to that colossally poor judgment and cynicism on the part John McCain, the onslaught of non-stop lies from the campaign; lies which have been refuted by everyone from the New York Times to the AP, and this campaign season is downright depressing.

But what I find equally disturbing are the numbers of average people who seem to have taken leave of their senses this year. While the extreme right-wing political-news machine have been working hard at dividing this country and driving people to an ever more extreme right-wing stance for well over 25 years, I’ve never seen this demonstrated as I have this year.

People of otherwise reasonably good sense seem to have lost their minds.

It seems they’ve decided every responsible journalism outlet in the country is without credibility, that Palin is some kind of virtuous person in spite of the fact she’s a book banner, creationist, looks to have serialy abused her power and lied repeatedly about her background.

I worry about a press who is afraid to demand answers from a candidate for Vice President about her views on foreign policy, the economy and defense issues and to raise holy Hell about not getting access to her.

I am beginning to be even more concerned about a huge part of the electorate who seem to think these issues are completely unimportant.


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