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Let them drown

Posted by Bill Nance on September 14, 2008

According to MSNBC, something approximating 140,000 people failed to heed warnings to evacuate the Galveston area in advance of Hurricane Ike; warnings which were issued as much as three days before the storm made landfall. A full day before the storm had affected the area, warnings were issued saying people staying faced “certain death.”

Well, apparently there are a lot of bloody idiots in Galveston.

One of these rocket scientists:

“I falled [sic] in the attic,” Jack told paramedic Stanley Hempstead of his 10-foot tumble through the attic and onto the garage floor. Jack and his family had taken refuge in the room, loaded with blankets and other supplies. As the Texas Task Force 1 Search and Rescue crew arrived, Jack gazed at a TV aglow with “The Simpsons.” The only evidence of his fall was a Band-Aid plastered to his closely-cropped hair, covering a gash.

“We just didn’t think it was going to come up like this,” said the boy’s father, Lee King. “I’m from New Orleans, I know better. I just didn’t think it was going to happen.”

This stupid Son of a Bitch stayed in Galveston with a FIVE-YEAR-OLD? Shoot him. Seriously, take him outside and shoot him. He’s no better than a child molester as far as I’m concerned.

In case you didn’t know, Galveston is the site of the worst natural disaster in American history. In 1901 the town was virtually wiped from the map, killing approximately 8,000 people. The people in Galveston are well aware of this historical fact. There are monuments to the victims of that disaster in town, and the current seawall was built as a response.

Currently rescue crews are out risking their own safety to rescue these dolts. I have to tell you, were I a paramedic in that area, I’d tell my boss to go to Hell if he asked me to risk my own safety to save people too stupid to breathe.

There’s simply no excuse for this, particularly given the extensive pre-storm warnings, the excellent options for evacuation and our recent experience from Katrina.

Rescue the kids, leave the rest. Better yet, tie an anchor to their ankles and do the collective gene-pool a big favor.


4 Responses to “Let them drown”

  1. rachel giddens said

    you call yourself an american. its people like you that make the rest of the world hate us (true americans, that care about other people). maybe you should have an anchor tied your ankles. anybody that wishes death upon someone else might as well be a TERRORIST. what if it was your family that was stranded and someone who stayed rescued them? i evacuated myself, but left my parents behind and i’m very thankful that there were people on stand-by to rescue them in case something happened. after driving 21 hours to reach a city that would normally take 3 in 2005, i said i would never again evacuate. last weekend, there was a mandatory evacuation for my county, and we didn’t get one lick of rain. maybe you shouldn’t be so judgemental saying let them drown, obviously you didn’t live on the gulf coast. i wonder what the fuck was in your gene pool.

  2. Bill Nance said

    If you fail to evacuate in the face of warnings that say you “face certain death,” you deserve no rescue. Galveston ain’t New Orleans. There was every opportunity to get out.

    Don’t complain to me that people didn’t want to go because they were inconvenienced. That’s fine, it’s a free country. But sure as Hell don’t keep children there. And likewise, don’t expect people to put their own safety at risk to save your sorry ass.

    I have no sympathy for people who put others’ lives at risk because of their own stupidity. Again I say, LET THEM DROWN. Sympathy is reserved for those who are caught by bad luck, not by their own idiocy. They made their own bed, let them lie in it.

    If you live in Hurricane country, or for that matter tornado country (and I’ve lived in tornado country) you don’t ignore warnings unless you have a death wish. If you do, don’t expect sympathy.

  3. marty said

    I agree with Bill, Miss Rachel, and regret to inform you that most of us who rescue, post-disaster, feel the same way. WE are the Americans, baby, coming in to clean up behind you bozos, morons and simpletons who do not heed the MANDATORY evacuation. Pull out a Websters and look up the definition of same if you are at all confused (as you seem to be).


    I rescue animals that uncaring, foolish assholes leave behind for the absolute worst of reasons, to wit: “we didn’t think it’d be so bad” — which doesn’t exactly place them on the high end of the Einstein ruler, unless they happen to be meterologists who factually disagreed with the multiple experts who stated it WOULD be that bad. I can promise you that I’d fill up my truck, boat, heli, with poor voiceless animals before I’d pick up one stupid human who failed to use his God-given skills, albeit limited, to leave when ordered to do so. In advance. As in way.

    You should know that I volunteer at the Red Cross and love people. LOVE THEM. Adore helping them. I just hate the arrogant types who put others in danger by crying for rescue because they now need help — wrought by their own bad decisions. And, yep, I say let em drown. They asked for the opportunity to do so and I vote that we let them get what they want.

    Bottom Line: Stupid is as stupid does.

    People don’t hate Americans; they hate dumb, self-centered Americans. To include those like you — for allowing your box-of-rocks parents to stay on an island that has been targeted by the eye of a hurricane. BTW, the low IQ nut didn’t fall far from that tree, obviously, for your critical thinking skills and logic are nil. I’m just saying…

    Run, Forest, Run!!!!

  4. marty said

    Oh, and Rach, I lived on the Gulf Coast for over 10 years. I was there when Katrina hit (gee, I went inland) and did rescue for 6 months afterwards. I know of that which I speak. So you might want to cast those stones in another direction.

    Indeed, there are many of us who cannot tolerate the likes of you…relying on others to save your asses.


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