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Sarah Palin’s book censorship

Posted by Bill Nance on September 11, 2008

I’ve not written a great deal on the Palin book banning issue because I was waiting for the MSM to get off its collective ass and do it’s job. I don’t have the resources to request minutes of the Wasilla City Council for 10 years and pour over them, nor to go there and interview residents. Major news organizations DO.

But finally, FINALLY, the MSM is starting to do its job:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Everyone in America should watch this video clip.

ABC checked this out, and yes, Sarah Palin did ask the librarian about banning certain books, brought the issue before the City Council and then fired the librarian two weeks later. If you can’t see a connection between the two you’re either stupid or don’t want to think about it because it makes Palin look bad.

I’ve written before about the email hoax that was going ’round the Intarwebs on this subject, and ABC faithfully reported those were a hoax. This story however, is NOT a hoax.

Don’t miss the Palin associate who very carefully says: “no specific books were asked to be banned, it was more of a general question.”

Question: why would Palin have asked in the first place unless she wanted to do it?

Another question: Why did she fire the librarian two weeks later?

There really is only one conclusion folks. Palin wanted to ban books from a Public Library she didn’t agree with.

That a person running for Vice President would ask such a question AT ALL is reason to vote for the other side.

So here on one side we have Obama, who may or not be the best person available, along with Joe Biden, one of the top foreign policy and national security wonks in the country.

On the other we have John McCain and Sarah Palin, both proven to be repeated liars, one a book-banning Nazi, the other who voted to support torture by the CIA, torture to which he himself was subjected and decries to this day.

Why are people even considering voting the Republican ticket this year? These people are against everything good this country stands for.


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