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A plug for a terrific product

Posted by Bill Nance on September 11, 2008

In case you haven’t used the internet as a radio station, or have only used it for news programs, I have a reccomendation for a terrific music site.

Pandora Radio is a commercial-free internet radio station which plays a huge variety of music. But the best part is that you can pick the particular variety of music you want.

Pandora gives you the option to choose from a huge range of pre-set channels; not just including a general genre, but sub-genres as well. For instance if you select “Blues” from the pre-sets, you then get to choose between electric blues, Chicago blues, traditional blues, Kansas City blues, etc.

But you are not limited to the preset channels. You can create your own channels by artist or song.

Let’s say you want to listen to Eric Clapton, but you’re particularly interested in his blues works, like the stuff he’s done in collaboration with BB King. Enter the name of the song (searchable within Pandora) and presto, you will get a whole variety of songs by both Clapton and other artists in the same general music type.

Pandora also allows you to share your favorite stations with friends, download music to your Ipod (for a fee) as well as view music videos, purchase songs and other services.

Folks, this is simply a terrific website. I heartily reccommend it.


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