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Speaking of integrity…

Posted by Bill Nance on September 9, 2008

I’ve written repeatedly about the sins of the Press when it comes to editorializing whilst pretending to be presenting news. As you may have noticed, I’ve blasted Teri Gross, the Associated PressKeith Olbermann, Chris Mattehews and of course I’ve mentioned “Faux News” once or twice.

I’m far from the only person who’s done this. I’ve done it because bad journalism hurts everyone. The viewpoint displayed, the subject of, or view expressed in this stealth editorializing is irrelevant. It is the act itself that is wrong.

Quick question:

We hear virtually non-stop about a “left media bias” from so-called “conservatives.” Where are these people when “Faux News” does its thing EVERY DAY? Where is their interest in fairness and unbiased reporting when it’s someone they don’t like who is the victim of lies and slander?

Quick answer: they are silent.

Integrity is not dependent upon which side of the political spectrum one resides. One either has it, or one does not. As for the “liberal media-bias” conspiracy theorists, I say: J’accuse!


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