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Olbermann/Matthews update

Posted by Bill Nance on September 8, 2008

It only took MSNBC a whole day to admit they were replacing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. Sheesh, talk about “Yesterday’s news today!” come to think of it, maybe that should be MSNBC’s new tag-line.

The Juice

Matthews, the host of “Hardball,” and Olbermann, the host of “Countdown,” will remain “front and center” during those events, Griffin said. He said reports by other news organizations had mischaracterized the decision as a demotion of the network’s two highest-rated stars.

Um, Mr. Griffin? No one mischaracterized anything. The two were removed for blatantly editorializing all over the place. There’s a place for that, and both are very talented at punditry. But news anchors they ain’t.

Nice attempt to save face…I’m really impressed that you managed to come up with a totally unconvincing lie a scant 24-hours after the Times broke the story. Really, I mean it, trust me.


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