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McCain, Obama, Palin, Biden

Posted by Bill Nance on September 8, 2008

TPM has a round-up of the weekend political shows. I carefully watched it and I can testify, having seen all the shows in question, that it is not cut to demonstrate any particular point.

What’s blindingly apparant is who has real issues and who has hot air. That’s not “media bias,” it’s the unavoidable conclusion after listening to the candidates. My God, even Fox News shows the McCain campaign to be obvious liars  -If Chris Wallace can’t make you look good, you really have nowhere to run.

Notably absent is Sarah Palin. She’s not there. And the reason she’s not there is blindingly obvious to anyone who is not a knee-jerk partisan hack. This woman is NOT ready for prime time.

As I’ve demonstrated repeatedly on this blog, Palin has NO record of any significant accomplishments, NO grasp of foreign policy, NO position on defense issues, NO grasp of economic issues and a very disturbing record of ethics violations and abuses of power., as well as a near-miss of a recall election during her tenure as Mayor of Wasilla, AK, pop. 5400.

She’s hiding in Alaska being drilled by the McCain campaign in the appropriate talking points and completely unavailable for to serious journalists. No New York Times, no Atlanta Journal-Constitution, no Dallas Morning-Times, no network coverage other than a softball interview with morning entertainment host Charlie Gibson. She is hiding from the press because the Republicans don’t want to show what an utterly unqualified candidate they have chosen to be Vice President to a 72-year-old cancer surviivor. -Until they tell her what she needs to say that is.

As usual, the Republican/Rove machine is lying through it’s teeth and working like demons to fool the American electorate. (Granted, this is not exactly difficult to do in a country where 50% of the people are unsure about evolutionary biology being something other than a half-assed opinion.).

Watch the video and ask yourself: Who has positions and who has BULLSHIT?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One Response to “McCain, Obama, Palin, Biden”

  1. McCain and Palin are good, decent people.
    So are Obama and Biden.
    There is, though one glaring difference.
    McCain/Palin want to continue the Iraq war.
    Obama/Biden want to end it.

    I want to discuss something Republicans REALLY love: Money.

    Estimates are that just under 100,000 people have been killed in Iraq.

    Cost estimate: $3 TRILLION final, $1 TRILLION spend so far

    COST TO US: between $10 and $30 million per terrorist!

    Ya know, I just don’t think we’re getting our money’s worth, Aye?!!
    Do you? I say we END THIS WAR!

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