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The demonstrators

Posted by Bill Nance on September 5, 2008

In case you missed it, there were a couple of demonstrators who attempted to disrupt John McCain’s speech last night.

If I was Steve Schmidt, I’d be looking for these people so I could kiss them on the cheek and hand them a nice check for the free PR to help my candidate. (Or maybe that check was cut some time ago. I wouldn’t put it past Schmidt, who learned at the feet of his former boss Karl Rove.).

The only thing the demonstrators “demonstrated” was their own idiocy. I’ve written on this subject before and my opinion hasn’t changed.

These fools just want to get on TV and show Republicans people don’t like them. -As if the people at the speech weren’t aware the lunatic fringe of the left wasn’t in agreement with them.

It’s also bloody bad manners and only demonstrates the hypocrisy of of the far left, just as the lack of  condemnation about Bristol Palin by the Theocrat-Republicans demonstrates the hypocrisy of their position on “family values.” The lunatic fringe on the left talks about free speech, then tries to prevent it when it disagrees with them. The lunatic fringe on the right savages Democrats over “family values” and then acts as though Sarah Palin is some paragon of good motherhood BECAUSE her daughter is pregnant.

There is a middle in this country. That middle represents the vast majority of the population, and rejects both extremes of ideology if given an opportunity. Sadly, such opportunity is rarely given and the lunatic fringe of the left serves only as the far-right’s very best propaganda tool. You can’t buy a better argument to vote Republican than being able to run video of maniacs like Code Pink attempting to disrupt an acceptance speech by a Presidential candidate at his own party’s convention. Just tell lie to viewers that these people represent mainstream Democrats (“liberals” as a pejorative) and sure as anything, even Democrat-leaning independents will instantly switch to your side. The tactics of these demonstrators are so repugnant to 90% of the population that it’s an easy sell.

It’s time for the rest of us to stand up and decry the tactics of the “war is bad ummkay” crowd AND the kind of rhetoric that paints anyone in disagreement with the RNC as unamerican, surrender monkeys or cowards.

The polarization in this country reached the point of absurdity some years ago. The only ones who win with this nonsense are talk-radio hosts and political consultants.

The real losers are the American public, and we ALL deserve better.


One Response to “The demonstrators”

  1. pedigree said

    In the end of the day, they get five seconds of TV coverage without the ability to get over any point, no one can hear them and everyone can hear McCain… fruitless exercise really and then they have to face a charge under some strange and obscure section of the PATRIOT “You have no freedom” Act.

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