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Big news of the day…Sarah Palin is not a scholar

Posted by Bill Nance on September 5, 2008

Andrew Sullivan is horrified.

It turns out Sarah Palin is not a Rhodes Scholar, nor was she a gifted student.


Come on Andrew, the woman couldn’t pronouce the word NUCLEAR until she was drilled by the McCain people and she STILL can’t pronouce Iraq, a country in which we are at war. It’s not as though anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe-size didn’t already know her intellectual abilities are limited.

I made the argument yesterday that Americans have the dangerous notion that someone “just like them” is a good choice in a national leader. It’s better to attack this notion directly than a continued series of sniping and nit-picking over Sarah Palin. There are giant bulls-eyes all over the woman’s resume and publicly expressed opinions and you want to carp over this silliness?


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