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One more reason to stop using labels to describe people

Posted by Bill Nance on September 4, 2008

Megan McArdle covers in one paragraph an example of the idiocy of using labels to describe people, ideas or parties.

Mitt Romney seems to use the word “liberal” in a randomly perjorative fashion.  I half expect him to say “I was eating breakfast this morning, and my hash browns were all liberal.  I sent them back and told the waitress to bring me some good, conservative hash browns.

This kind of thing started with Ronald Reagan, the first U.S. politician to successfuly redefine millions of people as a single-minded idelogical entity

George Herbert Walker Bush used it again against the pathetic excuse for a candidate Michael Dukakis when he called him a “card carrying member of the ACLU.” -Forgetting to mention that for all the complaining about the ACLU, it has represented “conservative” and religious groups as much as it has any leftist position.

And the left wing has tried to do the same thing, though not nearly as effectively.

Bottom line: A single word doesn’t define ANYONE. It may take more time, but taking on actual words and ideas is far more honest than painting one’s opponent as a caricature.


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