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Fortress America

Posted by Bill Nance on September 4, 2008

Roger Cohen makes some poignant observations on returning to the United States after years abroad as a reporter.

The Juice

Winston Churchill said of the United States that it can be counted on to do “the right thing,” but only after it has tried every alternative. As Roger Smith, an acute political observer and blogger, put it in an e-mail: “Well, George W. is every other alternative.”

Unless you count Sarah Palin, John McCain’s new sidekick, the Republican lady risen from the ice out near Russia. She’s certainly alternative.


One Response to “Fortress America”

  1. Dwight Davis said

    If you haven’t travelled internationally lately you won’t have experienced the full impact of Fortress America.

    First it’s the electronic fingerprint stations for aliens leaving the country.

    Then coming back in – the decor, uniforms and general feel is is definitely third reich.

    I just remembered something frightening from my last return. My wife and I left together for China, I returned by myself while she stayed for a few more days travel. I was asked the question when I returned why she wasn’t with me. It just dawned on me that I had not mentioned anything to the agent about details other than to respond that the trip had been for general pleasure/travel. the bastards must have connected us in the bowels of their databases and flashed that info to him.

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