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Things that go BOOM

Posted by Bill Nance on September 3, 2008

This past Saturday my friend JayG was kind enough to take my Lovely Bride and myself shooting at his gun club.

We’ve been reading his blog for some time, and excluding the politics (Love ya man, but you are Sooo wrong) 🙂 it’s a joy to read. First he has gun-Pr0n. If you’re a shooter, gun pr0n is well, really cool! Second, his diatribes on the silliness of Massachusetts are a breath of fresh air to my western-states missing self.

I used to be a CCW holder, but when I moved to a very gun unfriendly state 12 years ago, I gave it up. it was just too much hassle, the legal barriers too high, and frankly from experience I knew that in the remote chance I’d actually use a firerm to defend myself in California, I’d be likely to get prison time no matter what the circumstances. Such is life in a state filled with gun-phobes. (I hasten to add that when I sold my firearms, the money came in mighty handy.).

So, after some exchanged emails we arranged a time to head out to the range, guns and ammo provided by Jay. My wife was ecstatic. My Lovely Bride is one of those people who just love things that go BOOM. and no, I don’t mean the Hollywood versions, I mean more along the lines of MythBusters. she doesn’t care for fake explosions, but as for real ones? If we had TIVO whe’d be saving every BOOM to replay.

Saturday came and off to the range we went. I had already given my wife some basics, including stances, how to properly hold a pistol and the 4-rules of gun safety:

  1. All guns are loaded at all times even when you’re sure they are not.
  2. Never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.
  4. Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it

After assuring himself we knew these rules, we proceeded to the firing line where Jay gave my wife some basic training on the safe operation and loading of wheel-guns (revolvers for you non-gun-lovers) as well as semi-autos and we proceeded to shoot.

It turns out my wife is a natural. Her first 6 shots from a .22 revolver and five out of the six went in the black, and trust me, that’s a LOT better than anyone expected.

Then it was my turn, and very surprisingly (to me) first rounds were all in a 2-inch group in the x-ring. Not bad after 12 years if I do brag say so myself. And so we went on for the next three hours, trying out everythng from the two .22’s Jay had brought to his Ruger Security-six .357 magnum, a Sig Sauer p226 9mm and finally to my very favorite gun of all time (not the exact model but close enough) the Colt .45 ACP 1991A1. This particular gun is an updated version of the venerable Colt 1911, which is the finest firearm ever designed as far as I’m concerned. John Moses Browning (blessed be his name) certainly knew what he was doing.

Jay has the full blow-by blow on the shoot, and so does my Lovely Bride. But I figured I’d post just one pic.

Me and Mister Colt

Me and Mister Colt

Mmmmm, nummy firearm goodness.

And for the record, my love of shooting and my cherishing of my Second Amendment rights do not make me detest Sarah “Secede from the Union” Palin any less.

-Nuff said


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