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The Speech: Wow

Posted by Bill Nance on August 29, 2008

Let me say up front that I’ve been quite lukewarm on Obama. In the primaries I was a supporter of Joe Biden. (and of McCain before he betrayed himself and America by voting to support torture,). When it came our turn to vote, Joe had dropped out and I cast my vote for Hillary.

I’ve always admired Obama’s oratorical skills. It’s a talent that an America who has developed a short attention span has lost over the last several decades. But oratory does not a great leader make.

Once Hillary had clearly lost, I was eager for her to get the Hell over it and concede. I believe that McCain must be defeated, because America cannot survive another four years of damage to our reputation and our relations with our allies, something a McCain victory will, I am sad to say, assure. This is of course, in addition to my other objections to Republican politicians in general, from their insistence upon trying to make America a theocracy to their insistence on snooping into my bedroom.

Like many other elections, in fact nearly all of them, I was going to vote against someone, not for them. I had resigned myself to this reality.

But last night I watched what was, in my 33 years of closely paying attention to American politics, simply the finest speech I’ve ever heard.

This man has the seeds of greatness within him.

Never in my lifetime have I felt the pride and admiration for an American politician which this speech inspired me to feel for Obama last night.

Today in the morning light, having taken the time to think about the speech and let it digest, I remain with one feeling: Maybe, just maybe, we have another great American leader. I have HOPE.


One Response to “The Speech: Wow”

  1. 4leslie said

    I thought it was a marvelous speech, and if someone like Pat Buchanan thought he hit a grand-slam, it was pretty darn good.

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