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You knew it was going to happen…

Posted by Bill Nance on August 26, 2008

Earlier today I posted about a possible plot to assassinate Barack Obama. At this time it’s still not clear whether there was actually a plot or simply a few meth heads blowing smoke.

But thats not what I’m writing about. It appears the fallout from this news has already started, and yep, you guessed it, the Villains in this possible plot to ASSASSINATE A CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENCY are not the criminal white-supremacists. Nope, it’s the NRA and guns. And, dear readers, if you value your constitutional rights, you too are an un-indicted co-conspirator. Go turn yourselves in.

I found this story while trying to get some updates for you, read it, then saw the comments…Deep breath…

After the obligatory screaming at my monitor, throwing something across the room and lighting a cigarette, I thought it might be useful to give everyone a sample of the thoughtful, well informed
and always rational members of our anti-constitution opponents:

These guys are living examples of the NRA ideal. Heavily armed and ready to take on the US government. I’m sure these guys will get cheered at the RNC as courageous supporters of the Second Amendment. This is the Republican vision for America. White guys with guns keeping everyone else in line.

I’m sure that since the Republicans believe that gun possesion makes you safer, when their convention comes around not only will they demand that arrests like these not happen, they will allow individuals to carry guns into the convention hall. There won’t be any metal detectors there. Just a well armed citizenry with their full Second Amendment rights intact. I’m quite sure McCain and the Republicans believe their rhetoric enough to allow that, right?


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