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“Assasination plot” update

Posted by Bill Nance on August 26, 2008

Some additional information on what I posted earlier on a possible plot to assassinate Barack Obama.

It looks as though while the circumstances are very suspicious, it’s still unclear whether the four people arrested in the case were actually engaged in a plot or not. According to all the press accounts I’ve been able to get my hands on thus far, there have been conflicting, or at least misleading stories.

Headlines and tilts of articles seem to be stressing “no credible threat.” But that doesn’t mean there was NO threat.

From the Guardian:

“It’s premature to say that it was a valid threat or that these folks have the ability to carry it out,” an unnamed US government official told the Associated Press.

“It could also turn out that these were nothing but a bunch of knuckleheads, meth heads.”

Police in situations like this are stuck in a bind. They usually have incomplete information and need further investigation to nail down a preliminary set of facts. On the other hand, the bigger the potential story, the more demanding the press becomes. As a result, law enforcement tends to release or leak tidbits which are often misleading, particularly when parsed by a crisis-driven media.


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