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Handing the opposition a bone…Michelle Obama should just shut up

Posted by Bill Nance on August 25, 2008

Well, I wasn’t going to blog the conventions. I promised myself. ‘They’re scripted,’ I thought to myself. ‘they don’t mean a thing, listen to the acceptance speech and move on.’ And then I heard Michele Obama was giving a speech at the convention, and…I..just…couldn’t….help…myself.

When I heard the news I was beyond surprised, I was flabbergasted. To say Michele Obama has negatives is like saying there’s “a little trouble” in Iraq. I was at the dentist today and the hygienist, with no prompting, volunteered” I don’t care for her at all.” This is in, as my friend Jay likes to call it: “The Volksrepublik of Massachusetts.” -Hardly a bastion of conservative thought.

So I tonight listened; and I cringed; and I sighed.

It’s not that the speech was that bad. As convention speeches go, I’d rate it at a 5 on the “gag-o-meter.” But the delivery was pretty awful. She stuttered, she halted, she mispronounced Iraq “EYE-ROCK” every time she mentioned it (at least twice that I noticed), and in general it just sounded pretty smarmy, poorly delivered, and surely did no favors for Obama’s candidacy.

To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen: “Lady, I know Hillary Clinton, I’ve heard Hillary Clinton, and you, Michele, are NO Hillary Clinton.”

Rush Limbaugh should be sending flowers and a thank-you card to Denver about now.


2 Responses to “Handing the opposition a bone…Michelle Obama should just shut up”

  1. exemployee said

    so true…

  2. Zorro said

    The best thing that could ever happen for the Republicans would be if Obama really gets elected. Then we could be assured that Americans will not want a Democrat in the White House for a very long time.. that’s if there is a country LEFT!

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