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Let the lies begin

Posted by Bill Nance on August 25, 2008

A campaign distortion from an Obamaniac:

Coming from a rural farming area, I can assure you the $50-an-hour offer is ridiculous. Where I come from in rural Washington, you’d have everyone in the county lining up to take the job. But virtually no one pays by the hour for picking unless you suck at it so bad that you get minimum wage. Pickers get paid piece-work rates, and a skilled worker (if you think there’s no skill involved in picking you’ve never done it) can make decent money in season. Of course “in season” means a lot of down-time with no job.

But He’s dead right about the issue. Picking and other manual farm labor is back-breaking work. To make enough to get by you have to work like a machine. Few people with any other option at all will do it. Injury rates are sky high and repetitive motion problems and back injuries are the norm, not the exception. Would you do this for $15,000 a year? ………………Didn’t think so.

Hat tip to Sensico


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