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It’s Biden!

Posted by Bill Nance on August 23, 2008

About 3AM this morning, Senator Barack Obama announced his pick for Vice President will be Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware.

Biden has served in the Senate for over 30 years, and sits on the Senate Judiciary and Senate Foreign Relations committees. He is considered a heavyweight in matters of foreign policy, and was much talked about as the obvious choice for Secretary of State in an Obama cabinet.

What you may not know, since neither MSNBC, CNN or the New York Times has reported it yet, is that Biden’s son Beau, is a Captain in the U.S. Army National Guard and is slated for deployment to Iraq in October. In fact, the only preople who did report this fact, are go figure, Faux News and the London Telegraph.

My Take:

Biden is a no-brainer choice for Obama. In case you don’t know much about him, the reason he is considered such a heavy-weight is that he’s widely considered “The smartest guy in the room.” His foreign policy cred makes McCain look like a neophyte and he has traveled to virtually every hot-spot in the world in which the U.S. has been involved, including numerous trips to Iraq, and a recent mission to Georgia.

Biden can be long-winded, but it’s usually with a point. He’s notorious for avoiding one-sentence answers to complex issues and historically has had no difficulty castigating those who try. He’s also not afraid in the least to savage his opponents, so he will be the perfect attack dog for Obama.

Biden has a long history of appealing to white, blue-collar voters and should give Obama a giant boost in these areas, where he’s had trouble shoring up the Democrat base. Nowhere will this be more important than in Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania, which are considered “must-wins” for any candidate in the general election.

The Obama-Biden ticket will be a very strong one, and would be a potential powerhouse even against a popular Republican brand, much less the thoroughly tarnished one it is at present.

All in all, I think it’s a terrific pick. It will now be up to the campaign to beat the Rove “sliming strategy” on which McCain has been relying thus far.


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